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This man is out of place on Folly Beach state park. He was captured in my sunglasses. Where he is standing or kneeling is where my friend was laying out on her lounge chair. There was no man that I saw that looked like this guy, and there were not any men near us most of the day. He has a strap around him and a long necklace like thing on, and his body looks like he has cuts on him or had cuts almost like stripes. This was very strange to see. - Ghost picture submitted by Lisa

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My friend Jeff and I had been travelling from Syracuse, NY, down south. Hitchhiking and partying the whole way, we stumbled upon an old bunker near the Folly Beach area. Now I say stumbled because we found a bamboo trail that led up to a small hideout for gunmen watching the tree line as well as a concrete slab here and there with a cannon mounted on top of it, and then a cement staircase leading down to another concrete structure with windows and a doorway. We found this during the day, and it was not the common tourist park. It was hidden beneath bamboo trails, vines, and other brush.

At the end of the night, we returned with a case of beer and a friend from the bar. I asked my friend Jeff if he remembered how to get there because I didn't. He ignored me and our friend, and began walking right into the darkness. He led us right to the hill we had found earlier that day. A little freaked out by Jeff's silence and the fact he seemed to be gravitating towards the hill as if he had been there a million times before, we followed. Sure enough he led us to the top clearing and then said ''Let's go down here man, c'mon. '' He led us down to the river near the Charleston Bridge, and he stopped in his tracks and went into a trance like stare at the bridge. ''Let's climb that. '' He said while examining his body from his head to his toes as if he had never worn his skin before. Then he removed his shirt and said he was extremely hot. It was not hot out at all by this river this night, quite the contrary. ''What is wrong with your friend, man?'' My friend asked me. ''Jeff!'' I began screaming his first, middle, and last name, and he was looking around ignoring me as if I wasn't speaking at all!!

I finally screamed ''imposter'' at the top of my lungs, and the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life followed. He snapped his neck up and stared deeply through my soul as if he had never met me before. Then he tilted his head. All the way left, then all the way to the right as slowly as you could imagine without his stare moving from my eyes. As frightened as I was, Jeff had had similar experiences to this one in his past and had informed me on a serious level. I told my friend. ''Look man, he`s gone right now. Just trust me, I got this. '' I dropped to my knees, and asked God to bless a beer in my hand to substitute for holy water. I stood up, backed away, and poured some onto his bare back. He snapped upwards and seemed angry but remained silent in his gaze. I got two sticks, made a cross, put it to his forehead, and began quoting the exorcist.

He came to and began crying asking where he was, where his shirt was, and why he was so cold and sympathetically apologizing repeatedly for not remembering what had happened. Now wherever we were, there was a definite evil residing there. This story is not at all fabricated, and I wasn't alone in witnessing this extremely disturbing behavior. I have to say with the utmost honesty it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my 24 years of living. We weren't wasted. To this day, my friend Jeff has no recollection of what happened, nor does he want to talk about it very much. He is safe, alive, and well living in Colorado.

If anyone can tell me more about the paranormal history, or the history in general of this site please email me @ Theallenbrand@ gmail. Com This was not a large public tourist park of Fort Maultrie. It was near a bamboo trail leading to a clearing, then stairs led down to a fence along a river near the Charleston Bridge. . - Ghost picture submitted by Greg

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. - Ghost picture submitted by Greg

       Categories: hand, cross, eyes, hill, fort

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