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My grandmother died on March 25 and my father passed away just 2 weeks later on April 12. The house where my father died was my grandmother and grandfather's house. My father died in the house and my grandfather committed suicide in the house.
Since my father died we have been cleaning the house up and going through his and my grandparents things. I took a picture of his 1973 VW bug which he treasured with the window up just to get a shot of the condition inside of the car.
There is a child in the corner looking down which is the reflection of an actual child there when the picture was taken. But we can't explain what is right above his shoulder in the reflection. Looks a lot like my dad.

I will try to submit that pic and another of my dad before he passed. Also I got married the week after my father passed in the mountains at a cabin which was over a large creek in TN. In our pictures from there we can see orbs and even looks like an angel on my husbands back on one pic.
Please email me back after reviewing this picture and I can email you directly the other pictures. Thanks for your feedback and opinions!. - Ghost picture submitted by Alanna

Comment by Observer:
It's a demon. The dead don't come back.

Comment by Nanabug0508:
Hi. Hate to agree with them but if you zoom in on this you will see a lot of faces and they are evil and demonic. I have seen one other photo when I did there's a beautiful woman but behind her same thing multiple evil faces and it is real.
Her house was in fact haunted. I agree that the dead do not come back because of my Christian upbringing does not according to God's word bear that out. Matter of fact it is actually in KJV different scriptures state that the dead do not.
Any thing going on like this is a demon. The devil and his fallen angels run rampant in this world. But I totally see the one image amazing but keep looking you will see a lot more evil faces.

Comment by Jessica:
As long as you nor your family continue to live in your grandparents house I would not worry about what is there. But. I would light a all white candle for 9 days for your grandfather. You state he committed suicide.
He is in darkness and needs light. You can say a small prayer asking God to help your grandfathers soul. And for your grandfather to find peace in his soul.

Comment by D:
Nanabug0508. You're 100% correct.

Comment by Bob:
I see your sleeve and hand. Looks like you took a picture of you getting a picture to me. I see no demon, but I do see a minion and those are mysterious creatures. Sorry for your loss.

Comment by Observer:
One last comment here: demons love to imitate those who have died. They know it is easy to fool the masses especially while in mourning by pretending to be the spirit of one who has passed away. It's an easy 'in' for them to slowly and subtly take control over the person they are fooling. Wake up people.

Comment by Observer:
Nanabug0508: totally agree with you on this. Unfortunately many many half-wits believe the lie made up by the devil himself that it is possible to speak with spirits of those who have passed away. It's one of the biggest pieces of malarkey baloney that the masses are drinking up turning to 'ghost hunting' (demon hunting) only to expose themselves to becoming easy targets to the fallen angels. Too bad people have shunned our great creator God and his son Jesus Christ and don't look for answers in the book (the Bible-god's written word) that explains what these entities really are.

Comment by Ben:
I see the ghost, and it looks like a vengeful ghost.

Comment by Bob:
Observer, you're on a site about ghosts, get with the program. Your preaching is unneeded. Saul used a necromancer to talk to the ghost of Samuel. Old testament is full of rephaim (deified ghost) worship.

Comment by Beth:
Observer, as someone else pointed out this is a website for paranormal/ghost enthusiasts. If the different beliefs of other people are bothering you so much, maybe you should visit other websites. Your arrogant closed-minded attitude is why many people quit being Christian. Christians ruin the religion themselves.

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