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I used to live on the island during my youth. I joined the army and moved to CA after. Anyway I was visiting family back home around 2012 or early 2013. I went walking down Church Street very late at night. I had never felt creeped out. This island was and is still my home; however, I started taking pictures of the churches, and when I took this picture of Union Baptist I could not believe what was looking back at me! If you notice the window in the left, zoom in on the figure. It appears to be a Confederate soldier missing his head pointing back at me. Creepy right?. - Ghost picture submitted by Sean

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Now this has been one of my favorite pictures since I took on August 19th 2013.
It was taken while we were staying in our little vacation home on Chincoteague Island, Va.
I have it set as a screen saver and tonight I was just looking at it and saw a face!
So I brightened it up a little and this is what I saw!
This is not a drawing on the boat, these are real spirits of the sea!
There is a total of 4 images to see including the original!
I'm going to have to do some research to see if these men are connected to this very old boat.
If you like what you see please come and visit us at The Spirit Rescuers Of Lost Souls facebook . Com/ number1spiritconnection
Also please check out the incredible photos in our photo section just under the time line banner where it says Photo!. - Ghost picture submitted by Rev. Neal Farley

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Full body apparition at the Carnival Grounds. My Unofficial Forensic Report On This Picture.
Question: This is nothing but the ladyís own shadow?
You know I love a good challenge when it comes to the paranormal, and make mistakes just like everyone else.
I have always tried to seek the truth and if I make a mistake I will correct it.
There kind of a rule in paranormal photography to always try and take two of the same shot to verify if it was there or not.
But heck I'm on vacation taking pictures of the annual Chincoteague carnival Iím not looking for spirits!
Well Is should know that were I am there are always spirits!
Ok back to the picture.
The first thing I always try to do is go back and check to make sure that the pictures is what I think it is.
My first thought was this is nothing but the ladyís shadow!
Then I looked much closer and realized that forensically it was not making sense.
So I went back to the carnival and took a second look at lights, angles, and distance and anything else I could think of.
1st The only above lights are in front facing us with the exception of the string light which are 100 yards behind her at the entrance of the grounds.
The only other light source is coming out of the inside of the buildings but that is the wrong angle.
2nd The white building absorbed most of my flash so it canít cast an 85 ft. Shadow.
3rd The angle of the gutter shadow would put it on her right not her left.
4th There are no shadows coming off of any of the other people.
5th The distance, angle, and size of the apparitions.
The distance between the woman and the shadow was 85 yards and almost straight behind her and is way too big to be hers at that distance.
6th There are faces that I see with eyes nose and mouth.
7th And final I thought saw the woman spirit in the middle of the three apparitions following us!
OK that's my non official forensic report! and why I felt safe to post it. - Ghost picture submitted by Neal Farley

Comment by Markimark101:
The second picture is very peculiar to me because I once took a picture of my daughter and there was a figure exactly like this one in the photo. The shadow very well looked like my father but he was not in the room when I took the picture.
This is a very good picture and I believe you did capture a ghost here.

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