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Can you see a ghost in this picture?. - Ghost picture submitted by Keith

Comment by anonymous:

Comment by Ben:
That is just a moth.


In October of 2003, my parents, grandma and I went to the mountains for a weekend. At Fancy Gap, Virginia there is an old hotel. It is at the top of a very steep mountain and we were also told by a local businessman that many truckers have been known to have died trying to come down the mountain in their rigs.
Many, many years ago this was so frequent that the people of the area would hire men to go down and retrieve the lost merchandise from the loads. Anyway, we were there and we were the only four people there.
There is a waterfall and spring there in the area and I was taking pictures. I was using my 35 mm camera and not a digital camera at the time. Once home I had already put the pictures in a photo album of my own and had went to moms and was putting her copy in a album when I literally screamed! There was a man in our pictures.

This man was not there. There were no other pictures that his image could have bled over from, he was wearing something entirely different from my daddy. I have the picture and there is someone in that picture, yet no one (I repeat, no one) was there but the four of us. - Ghost picture submitted by Chelle

Comment by Sandy:
Look deep into the picture you will see faces, an owl with a wicked face, a miner with helmet and light. There were so many lives lost on this mountain and some seem trapped maybe. May god have mercy on their souls and help them home to his loving arms.

Comment by Cindy:
Sandy, I now see what you are talking about.

Comment by Chelle:
I am just now seeing your comment Sandy. I am going to go pull my picture and look at it closer again. You see way more than I have seen.

Comment by Scott:
Back in the days of the hotel my great uncle Nester owned this. Many truckers have passed on this mtn like many other mtns. My grand dad told me of a woman who was violated and killed by a trucker and thrown down the mtn side. After the state finished hwy 77 in 1977 they cut the trucks out from the old 52 and he was forced to shut down the motel.

Comment by Sandy:
I have learned you can see a dim light like a lantern or candle glows in an upstairs window where the last man who stayed to keep an eye on things. He supposedly walked each night and day to check on things, thus making a sound with his boot heels. This is heard throughout the night mostly. He passed there but still watches over it as before I suppose.

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