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We have cameras at our house and noticed it started to record and didn't know why till we looked. A giant mans face with a missing bottom next to the shed and a giant orb on our house. I don't understand the half of face. Is there a meaning ? Qunbit71 @ aol. com. - Ghost picture submitted by Melissa

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We built a house on N. 20th Avenue in Hopewell, VA in 1989. We lived there 21 years with many different spirits. We even have a picture of one of them. I have been pulled to the foot of my bed by my ankles by an unseen spirit.
I have been held down and unable to speak or move for over 2 hours. There was a spirit of a little girl in my daughter's room, she ran right at me and then darted in the closet. We have heard footsteps on the back deck and on the front steps, waited for door bell to ring but never did.
Saw door knobs turn, light fixtures in ceiling unscrewed and fell. Several family members saw a lady in white in the hallway. The picture was taken with a cell phone by a friend, no one saw the man in front of me until we looked at the pic.

My friend said who are you dancing with? I thought she had lost it until I looked at the picture. This was strange, no cold spot, nothing to indicate a spirit was there. At one point something evil was in the house and none of us could sleep. We had priest over to bless the house at least 3 times that I remember, plus my husband blessed the house several times.
We got the evil ones out put the others are still there. We moved out in March 2010 and the house stayed empty for a long while, but there is a family living there now. - Ghost picture submitted by Teresa

Comment by RG:
We cleaned this house for the next tenant at night for 4 hours with only some lights on and never saw or heard anything... Sorry to disappoint the thrill seekers 11/8/2014.

Comment by Doug:
My wife and I built this house, and she is telling the truth. You were there one night cleaning the house. We lived there for over twenty years. I am currently writing a book about the hell we went through.

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