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What is this?. - Ghost picture submitted by Gale


Hey, me and my girlfriend Tammy and her son Aaron were at the Roanoke River overlook on the parkway sometime after 1 am, we were walking down the trail, we did not even make it down as far as the bridge when both me Tammy, and Aaron at the trail near but not at the bridge we felt this extremely cold vibe, the hair on my neck, arms, every bone in my body was ice cold. This overwhelming feeling of fear and unwelcoming presence, whatever it was did not want us there.
I looked at Tammy and Aaron and without saying a word. We all ran back up to the top of the hill. We latter went back with flash light. And me Tammy and Aaron wanted to see if it was in our heads or if there was really something there. So we went back. This time we made it down to the bridge area with the same feeling that we should not be there. A very unwanted feeling, panic within. We proceeded down a little past the bridge. At that time I took a few pictures and behind Aaron there was this white mist. I got the pictures on my face book page, but there was a defend white mist following him me and tammy.We got down to where the brick pad overlook area, and then Aaron and Tammy just froze. I looked at where they were staring at and there was a figure with red eyes at the entry point of the brick overlook area that was just staring at us.
They took off running, at the same exact time there was a train blowing it's loud horn going past, which was strange for a train to be going past blaring it's horn at that time of the morning, but that's not what put the icing in the cake. After that I ran back up to where my jeep was. They were already in the jeep, when I went to start the jeep all kinds of strange mishaps took place. My jeep would not start, when I finally got it to start it has all kinds of electrical issues. The headlights would not work, on or off, the tail lights would but no head light nor high beams. After I drove away from the parking light the lights came on.
Then we drove real slow to the left side of the bridge looking over the left side, something kept drawing out attention to the left side of that bridge. Then out of nowhere my radio in my jeep which was switched off came on and full blast started changing stations by itself. Needless to say we got the heck out of there and never ever returned. What we saw that night was the same exact sighting, we all knew every little detail of what the figure looked like and the red eyes, Check out my pictures on face book at Douglaskrajnyk@facebook.Com on go to my photos and click on the link of spooky places in Roanoke. There you will see the sighting that we caught following us down to the overlook. - Ghost picture submitted by Doug

Comment by Katie:
Is that a bear? Looks like a bear...

Comment by anonymous:
On one side under the bridge someone wrote on one of the concrete pillars, ''they're here.'' I believe them.

Comment by Rita:
I've been there over and under the bridge. It does have some strange influences when it comes to one's emotions and senses. I went with a clinician. He told me that it's well known for suicides. He even had a friend jump off the bridge. It seems from what I was told that something about that area seems to appeal too many individuals who are suicidal and even some who weren't at first. Many people get a sad depressed feeling and a strange sense of despair. Please be careful. There are always skeptics but when someone commits suicide been murdered etc., it does leave strong emotional prints behind.

Comment by Blank:
I bet it's true.

Comment by Gary:
We did a full investigation there and got some EVPs. On the recorder was a woman named Wanda that was pushed over. We are unsolved mysteries and unknown sightings. We are on facebook and youtube. Blackcloud24014

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