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I'm not sure how old this post is but I zoomed in on the picture because it looks severely photoshopped. Did you know there were two men though? Where was the boyfriend standing? It looks like his reflection is in one part, but the other face is different from the other. Either two people were photoshopped or at least one is legit. - Ghost picture submitted by Elizabeth

Comment by Daniel:
Hey I also live in Stafford. I am a psychic medium and witch I've never felt any spiritual energies in the Forge homes. I live down the street of the Clarks Farm.


My daughter's boyfriend took this photo last Saturday night at about 1:30 am and by chance later realized in the top right side there is a man in the picture over my dog that sleeps. We are still investigating and trying to learn more about this figure in the picture.
Our home is only 6 years old but is built on what use to be many Union camps. - Ghost picture submitted by Michelle

Comment by Gerald:
I can help with this, call me at 757-532-9231.

Comment by K.C.:
Wow I am greatly impressed by your photograph and wish you the very best of luck finding out who the gentleman is that made his appearance just above your sleeping dog. I wonder if he was wounded and passed away at one of the Union camps.
He does appear to be from that time period from what I can tell by looking the photograph. May God bless him always whoever he is.

Comment by Curious1:
What was he taking a pic of originally? What neighborhood is this? When was this? Any sightings since? Have you figured out an explanation since posting (TV reflection, double exposure?? ) love the pic!.

Comment by Jefe:
You can also see 2 faces in the door in back right corner. A white face and a young man's face.

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When my girlfriend's cousin and her husband moved up to the Stafford area we went to visit them at their new place. It was on June 6th, 2010. We were all just sitting around the living room chitchatting. Now, mind you, I am the world's largest skeptic. We were all sitting there, and a lamp decided to explode sending glass all over the living room. This thing was not even plugged in. Nobody was near it or the cord. Stress crack? I do not know. My girlfriend took a picture wanting to put it on her the web. This weird lamp just exploded and glass pieces were everywhere. While she was taking the picture, the dog was barking at the air at nobody. As my girlfriend started to freak out about the lamp and a face surrounded by a black mass, the laptop fell onto the floor. Nobody touched it, and it just smacked the floor. We first thought a stomp in the floor, hard enough to cause it to shift and fall, but I neither felt nor heard the stomp. Since I am a skeptic I thought there must have been a good reason for it.

The neighbors could hear the girls' scream, the dog barking, and the glass shatter from the lamp from next door, so they came running over. As my girlfriend was near tears and showing them the picture, the power went out. It only went out for about a minute and came back on. It was not a power line falling through a tree branch, nope, I checked. The bathroom door continued to close and lock itself three times later that night with my girlfriend's cousin's little 10x power magnifying facial mirror shifting about four feet down the counter on one occurrence.

If you are reading this, I just want you to know that I tried to recreate this picture, put everyone back in their positions they were in when it happened. I could not get it to come out. I cannot explain it. The world's biggest skeptic and I cannot explain it. All I can say now is that I believe in something. I will not say ghosts, spirits, hauntings, or bends in time, whatever, just something. - Ghost picture submitted by Jesse

Comment by Gerald:
I have seen a lot of stuff where I used to live and never believed in none of this. But can help you, and it could get bad, call me at 757-532-9231 any time.

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