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I used to go into the woods back behind my house when I was young. I'm 34 now and live in Staunton, VA with my wife and 2 kids. In the woods, strange things would happen. Freddy, Jonas, and myself would always run deep into the woods and play in the pines.
One day, we heard noises like somebody was thumping against something. Birds flew overhead, away from where we were facing. The thumping grew more continuous and closer. By this point, Freddy and myself are scared stiff.
The bushes and vines were moving like something was brushing past them, but nothing was. Soon, a black bear-like figure half-way materialized in front of us. You could see right through it, and except for a little color distortion, you could see the trees and vines behind it clearly.

It had red/yellow eyes, that bulged out of it's head. It reached out with a ''paw'' and landed a blow on Freddy's shoulder. We ran out of the woods, leaping my fence and into my house, where Freddy received immediate medical attention from mum.
I have added a picture of his scar that he received almost 20 years ago. - Ghost picture submitted by Jordan

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I've taken random pictures in my yard and I've always gotten a lot of pictures of ghost orbs. They're ghosts in the shape of an orb. They're either in motion or they're glowing or both!. - Ghost picture submitted by Brandon

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