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This picture was taken 7 / 13/20. I didn't notice because I took a lot of pictures that day. I decided to blow up all my pictures, and I found this ghost woman in the Marshal Provost building. She was wearing clothes from the Civil War era. I was surprised, and I told my husband that I wanted to go take the same exact picture the next day. I took the same exact picture, and she wasn't there. I took a negative picture, and she was still in the image. - Ghost picture submitted by Andrea

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This is on my friend's farm. She has an old stone house on her farm, but she doesn't live in that house as it's falling down. In this photo I think I caught a ghostly woman in the window. She and her husband have seen lots of ghosts on her farm. Her farm is near Shepherdstown and Harper's Ferry. Her farm has a Harper's Ferry address though. - Ghost picture submitted by Christa

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We recently went to Harpers Ferry this past October 2019 and caught this picture of a ghostly mist under the tent. Didn't notice it until later when I looked at the photo. - Ghost picture submitted by Diane

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I was wandering around in Harpers Ferry, WV and took pictures. I was looking through my pictures and found a face in the picture in the window. It does look like a ghost. I looked closely and was shocked to find the creepy face in the window. - Ghost picture submitted by Christa

Comment by Hailey:
I was in third grade and we went there too I remember myself getting these chills every time I'd walk in some place.

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Went back to debunk the shadow man that appeared next to me by the cross but was not there seconds before or in the next picture. We could not recreate it. We took tons of pictures of the cross and the rest of the cemetery, but he did not reappear. However, I did catch this one who was just watching us as we were debunking the shadow man. - Ghost picture submitted by J

Comment by Carrie:
John Brown after his raid was hanged here. Maybe he could be the shadow man.

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Last summer my 4-year-old, 1-year-old and myself went to the Harper Ferry Cemetery. No one was in there or on the road for the hour or so while we were there. As we passed a certain headstone, my daughter (the 4-year-old) said she did not like that there was blood on it. It looked like someone spilled juice or coffee not blood. I reassured her of this as I cleaned it. (When we visit graves we fix them up out of respect. ) As I cleaned the spot, I noticed the stone was loose from the base. After I cleaned it she asked me to take a picture of the only wooden marker which was a new cross. She then ran to another interesting grave which was rows away but still within my sight.

Her brother (1-year-old) was running around the headstones near me, weaving in and out laughing. A few seconds after I took the first picture I heard a crash and my son crying. As I turned, I snapped the second picture. I did not look at the pictures until that night. I went to my son, comfort him and checked both him and the headstone he knocked over (same one I cleaned. ) The headstone was fine and easily fixed. My son was too. I cleaned the dirt off. There were no scratches or bruises, and he was up laughing and running around. The cross is in the middle of the cemetery. No one was there but us. My children are not taller than me, and they do not wear hats. - Ghost picture submitted by J

Comment by Lindsey:
I know this picture was posted a while back, so no one might ever see my comment, but to me it looks like there is also a grey and transparent spirit who is peeking through the trees limb. It does have the same coloring of the gravestones, but it seems too high up in the tree to be a gravestone in the distance. I don't know though.

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