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I live in Brookside and the place where I live a woman had died here years ago, didn't think anything of it until about 3 years ago. It was Christmas, I was taking pictures of grandkids while they were opening their gifts. Well after I uploaded pictures on my computer I noticed these round things in my pictures, didn't know what the heck they were until I got to thinking oh my gosh these are orbs....
Well I just started taking more pics especially when I would hear noises. Just about every time I'd hear a noise and take a picture an orb would appear but this isn't all about the pictures of orbs..
I have been touched by something in the bedroom where the woman had died in, it felt like something set down on the end of the bed I have heard a growling sound (this happened behind my granddaughters head) something has growled in my ear, another time I was dosing off one day sitting on the couch and all of sudden something got in my face and screamed ''heyyyyyy!! ''it scared me like crazy. And well I believe there has been more brought in here...

I mean I can go on and on about this place... I'll try to add pictures and let you see them.
But I've been hearing different kinds of noises from next door (no one was living there at the time) it sounded like someone was hammering on the wall and then putting hammer down. It would go tap tap tap and then lay the hammer down, tap tap tap and lay the hammer down it went on several minutes(and this happened around 11:00 pm), there has been so many things happening here..
There has been so many times that I've heard a ball bouncing next door... I couldn't figure out what / who/or why they were doing this.. I had mentioned this to someone and they told me that it was a ghost of a little boy taking a marble letting it drop down the staircase(next door)...
Like I said I could go on and on about this place.. Here is a picture of an orb I caught on camera the other night... Can you see the face in the orb?. - Ghost picture submitted by Ann

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Demons are known to change their appearance to disguise themselves as objects, even people. Doppelgangers can also disguise themselves as people. Either one of the 2 have been seen. My friend shined his light in a past occurrence, saw our friend sitting down beside the tree curled up in the fetal position, turned around and she was on the other side of the grave yard.
Looked back and she was gone. So far we have seen the appearance of a black apparition. Both time it was encountered it hides behind the bulk of the group, therefore hiding itself from most of us. It has only been seen by 3 people now.
Me myself have not seen it but if 2 different occurrences where both people see the same thing as the last did... I'd believe it. Take caution in to Bivens Chapel Cemetery. Just saying it in case. Above all else don't go alone. - Ghost picture submitted by Patrick

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