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I am an 8th grader at Dunbar Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School. This is 2014-2015 school year. I have been going there for three years now. Before I went here I heard ghost stories but never believed in ghosts. Well, then you hear stories at the school, and then you actually see ghosts. Dunbar is seriously haunted. It used to be a Civil War hospital. So can you see where I am coming from? ! So one ghost hangs out in the girls' locker room. Then one in the upstairs b-building bathroom. That story is that she died in that very spot. In the last stall I never go there, but I have learned that she won't hurt me, so I go to the bathroom alone starting last year.

But sometimes you still just get that feeling you know that something is about to happen, so I run out. Then the downstairs bathroom of the same building, but this time she has a name. Oh and don't even get me started on 'under the bleachers.' That's where people killed themselves or got killed. I have even heard that they have hung themselves. I remember last year I was told that I had to go under there for musical theatre performance of Aladdin. I was supposed to get to the back but I remember telling the teacher I didn't want to go in there. Oh and the girls' locker room. The lights flicker on and off all the time. When no one is doing anything, and it is the scariest thing. I don't have a picture of the actual school, so I will just show something I have that is a picture of me and my friends after Aladdin but with the bleachers behind us. I really only have pictures of us on stage or in the choir room, and I can't get anything off the website, so that is what I have. - Ghost picture submitted by Rian

Comment by Jane:
What is the name of the ghost in the bathroom? And tell me more about the hospital if you can.

Comment by Scarlett:
Hey um I went to Dunbar 2014-2015 to 2015-2016. You actually probably know me. But I actually have seen a lot in the school in the girls' locker room and the prop room. The bathrooms in the upstairs b-building were also pretty crazy.
After pres died the activity was crazy. I remember seeing shadows and my couple of friends would hear stuff. I've also been touched on the shoulder and stuff. I don't know it's just cool you posted here.
Definitely some haunted ass buildings though.

Comment by Jeanne:
Dunbar was once the first medical school in Mobile founded by Dr. Josiah Knott and established in November 1859. It closed in 1861 when the Civil War broke out. It reopened in 1868 and continued until 1920. I have read elsewhere that it was briefly used as a hospital during one of the wars, but that may have been inaccurate information. Mobile City Hospital (I believe the current site of the health department) and Marine Hospital were both built in the 1830s and are just a few blocks from Dunbar. I will have to see if I can find the article that stated it was a hospital.

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I lived on South Catherine Street across the street from the historic Kate Shepard house (bed and breakfast) in Mobile when I was in college in the mid 1990s. I was told by my landlord that the house had been built in 1912, 15 years after the construction of the Kate Shepard house.
One night / early morning, while sleeping in the central bedroom of the house, I had a dream that I was a school child in a large, three-story, wooden school. I specifically recall that the school was painted a dark forest green, but I don't recall whether that was on the Interior or exterior of the building.
I recall some sense of urgency in the dream as I followed a teacher, a young female with light-colored hair, to the top floor as if there were some sort of emergency such as a storm, fire, or flood.

At this time, I almost fully awoke from the dream, but was still lucidly dreaming of, or imagining, a large white swan in my bedroom that approached the foot of my bed. Within a matter of seconds, I sensed a presence and physically felt the bed shift as if someone sat beside my legs on the right side of my body (I was lying on my back) , and immediately, I vividly saw an elderly, white-haired woman reaching toward my torso from above me.
At that point, I awoke fully as my heart rate increased dramatically. I was under the clear impression that this was the same school teacher from my dream who was trying to communicate the circumstances surrounding either a tragedy during her life or her actual death.
My landlord informed me prior to this event (upon initially looking at the house to rent) that someone had died in the house of old age, but I never knew whether it was a male or female. To this day, I wonder if that person was a female school teacher and if there happened to be a tragedy at a school in the area. - Ghost picture submitted by Rich

Comment by Katie:
Grew up on Monterey St. In the early 90s I went trick or treating here and an old white haired lady would give us pennies. She is probably who you saw. I recently have moved back a few streets past Catherine and pass that house frequently.
I think of that old lady who gave me pennies and wonder if she passed there because it is the only house on the street that gives me a strange feeling like it's haunted.

Comment by John:
There was no old lady living there in the 90s. We bought the house in 1996 from a younger couple. There was an old white haired lady that lived next door.

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