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I have many more stories to share. This next story takes place when I was 15 to 16 years of age.

On April 17th, 2016 I was in my current home on the outskirts of Russellville, Alabama in the wooded small neighborhoods. After much curiosity which always got the better of me, I set up an old cell phone of mine to record a video and captured, or rather ''it'' (the spirit) captured this spirit photo of itself. It was some sort of black or dark grey figure, which I believe to be demonic in nature due to its malicious attacks on my body and spirit. I have also astral plained in my sleep against my will and have seen this same spirit sense. This photograph was taken while astral plaining. (Its fingers that I saw while astral plaining were long and sharp like knives, if only those were caught on the photograph).

You can make out part of a face, covered up with a hand close to the cell phone's camera lens, and you can make out its right shoulder, as well as the odd glowing yellow light behind it, which I have also seen while astral plaining against my will during my sleep.

A bit more background information: One time it even tried tearing my spirit from my body as it screeched into my ear, yet I could still control my physical body despite seeing from my spirit body, which was still partially connected to my physical body. I spoke and said ''I rebuke you in Jesus' Name'' multiple times. Then it left. It fled at the name of Jesus, which is also why I believe it to be a demonic entity that may still be attached to me. I caused my spirit body fall back into my physical body. Then I woke up.

Photograph information: All three of these photographs were taken when I was upstairs, WHILE THE VIDEO WAS STILL RECORDING. The first two photos have seemingly nothing in them except my kitchen (and sadly it will not let me upload multiple photos at once to this website, so I will only include the spirit photo), but the final photograph that it took has the spirit clearly visible. The first normal photo was taken at 6 p. M. On the dot. The second normal photo was taken at exactly 6:30 p. M. TO THE VERY SECOND. The final photo which is the spirit photograph was taken at exactly 7:01p. M.

To make matters even worse, I have caught an EVP of something hissing, and I have also gotten a LEVEL 5 EMF READING in the downstairs bedroom. - Ghost picture submitted by 22 777

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