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I live by City Cemetery. I've seen orbs. I'm on Alabama Street down on the left side street is a house. The light comes on on its own. Please email me at gooberbrat39 @gmail .com. - Ghost picture submitted by Hammer

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Although this isn't a ghost story. I do believe something paranormal may have happened? Something really strange happened at our home last summer. A girlfriend told me about this site and suggested I share my story.
This takes place July 2012. We had been out of town for the 4th. We returned home July 7th. Before we had left we were noticing how many beautiful apples were on the tree. They were starting to get quite large and just starting to turn a little red.
Was excited to have so many apples to eat and share with our friends and neighbors. On Sunday the 8th my husband comes in the house and says... Jeri? Our apples are gone??? I thought he was making some sort of joke.

Ha, I went directly outside to look. I need to be perfectly clear about this point.... Not one apple was left. This tree is quite large and was covered with apples!! Not one scrap half eaten stepped on scrap anywhere!!! Nothing!!! Completely cleared of any traces that fruit was on this tree.
It was just wild!! On Monday as I was walking back to the house after checking the mail... I saw this to the left of our drive way in the grass and took a couple pictures. Please see attached. Let me also be clear....
The brown spots. Were not compressed or packed down. Grass was standing normally but dead. Not burnt. Just dead grass. No start no finish as to the impression on the grass. Just in that one spot. Wondering if anyone else by chance has had something like this happen? We live in the Firetower Rd area. - Ghost picture submitted by Jeri

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There's a home on Hwy 9 in Cherokee Estates that is haunted, submitted is a photo. If you look at it closely you will see a shadow of what appears to be the size of a child walking out of a bedroom, many orbs, over 30 EVP tapes of ghosts talking.
We hear a little girl humming and a dog barking. Dishes rattling, a rocking chair rocks when no one is in it. Children in our home claims they're seeing ghost, one they call jock. We hear our names called out, when there's no one present.
Homes on both sides have claimed odd things occurring in their homes as well. When you tell people about this they look at you like you're crazy. I did not believe any of this until I witness things in my home that cannot be explained.

I have seen what appears to be something white and tall moving extremely fast down my hallway, it was not touching the ground. We see shadows all the time. I have evidence to back up that there is really something strange going on in our home. - Ghost picture submitted by Debbie

Comment by Lee:
Do the history of the land before any of the houses were built.

Comment by Judy:
No pic right now but I raised 4 kids there and lived there 25 years. My kids will tell you of many encounters they had and names of the ghost. I moved out 3 years ago but this went on for most of the time we lived there.

Comment by winston:

Comment by Shasta:
Years ago they just tore down cemeteries. Never moved the bodies just the markers. Part of one cemetery remains on hwy 9...

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