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Look behind me. - Ghost picture submitted by Michelle


Here are the ghost pics I said I would post! This first pic is in our front sitting room. The next one is what my boyfriend took when he was in our kitchen the day of Patrick's birthday.
It's the curtain in our window and he snapped it right after we heard the sound. The next pic is in our kitchen too. This was the day of Patrick's birthday as well. The next pic is of our sitting room, also taken the day of Patrick's birthday.
This is a pic of Patrick getting into his toy box. The next one is a pic I snapped of our frosted glass window. It appears there's someone or something behind it. The next one is in our front sitting room.

My friends mum said it looks like an Indian head. The next one is in our kitchen. I was making a milk shake for Patrick in our blender. There appears to be an angel on the inside of the blender.
Hopefully this can be put with my other post so it makes since. I just want you to know who I am with these pic and stuff! This is Paula!. - Ghost picture submitted by Paula

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I have lived in the same house in Auburndale since I was born. My sister died in the W. H. Hospital in 1979 while my parents lived in this same house. I wasn't born 'til 1981. I have always felt the house to be haunted but when my mother died at Good Shepherd Hospice also in Auburndale in 2011 I felt like the house just became a little more haunted.
I have smelled her perfume and her scent. And one time about 3 weeks ago I went into the bathroom and smelled tooth paste. My husband and dad also live here with me but I know they hadn't been in the bathroom before I walked in there.
It's almost been a year since my mom died and almost immediately I started to see what I described to my sisters as sparks. The sparks aren't very big. Maybe the size of the tip of your pinky finger.

Well I also noticed the hall closet door open one day about a week ago now. My dad was gone to the Dr. that day and I asked my husband if he'd opened it. He said no! And I've always been scared of this house especially at night and especially if I were alone.
Oh I've ''never ever'' been alone in this house at night before and my husband used to work a security job that had him working nights, but my mom was here then and my dad too! The picture here is of me in the kitchen.
My sister said the light around me looked odd! This was taken after my mom died!. - Ghost picture submitted by Sara

Comment by Melonie:
Hi I have read your story about 12 times now and noticed no one commented on it yet so I thought I would. This is very sad that you see what you think is your mother and that she and your sister died.
This photo of you looks to be a hand wrapped around you. It may be your mother. God bless you and remember she's watching over you and she's in a better place!:).

Comment by Sonya:
What is that!!!!.

Comment by Paula:
What is what?.

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