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I have seen different types of ghost. Sometimes my dog will look out the window and start to whimper. My dog is trained to either scratch or bark at the door if he needs to use the bathroom or sees something. I have seen orbs and woken up in the night to shadows of women outside my window. My dog barked at the closed door. I was thinking that maybe he needed to use the restroom. I opened the door to see a woman on the road. She was pregnant and was making a noise that sounded like she was in labor. She was wearing clothes like you would see in a Wild West movie. She would be an Indian. I screamed to her. She then whispered away into thin air. It felt like I knew her.

I know a little boy who lives in the house across the road from me. We come to my house, so I can babysit him. One day his mom called me and said that he said that he saw an Indian last night. I said that I did too. She went quiet for a second. She asked me if I knew the history of the house. I said that I only knew that there were a few Indians that had traveled through here. I'm still living in the house today and see things.

The Indian woman came back. I sense that she is doing well with her child. Now to the orbs, my great grandma died of a disease a few years ago, and she still visits me. I know it is her because it always smells like her perfume. It always feels calming when I smell it. She was very kind and calm. She wards off bad spirits. The other day I saw her with the Indian. She looked so life like if you see anything like an Indian woman, please know she means no harm. . - Ghost picture submitted by Kyla

Comment by Jeff:
Is that photo from Freeport, FL? It doesn't look like Florida to me. It looks more northern.

Comment by Yvonne:
This is demon, not the spirit of your grandma or anyone else. The word of God warns us about trying to communicate with the dead. You're being deceived by demons.

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