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My daughter was given this bear for her birthday a few years ago. It talks and moves and runs on batteries. It hasn't had batteries in it for years, but recently it has been waking up and started saying things and moving its paws. I want to get rid of it, but I'm afraid it'll make things worse if I anger whatever ghost is doing this. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Lynn:
I would burn it.

Comment by Someone:
You should definitely get rid of it asap.

Comment by Hey:
Contact me at nicolasmiguel

Comment by anonymous:
Anonymous, I had the same thing happen in the late 90s. The best thing is to throw it away. If the bear was used as a conduit, the demon will remain in it. Throw it/cover with trash and garbage day pick up. Let it lay waste in dump. It was demonic inspired book or something; then it is biblical to burn that. Dan w/ Deliver Us From Evil Exorcist lookingup4jesus @gmail .com .

Comment by Ghost:
I had this happen to me to but with a horse toy I would ride in my old apartment when I was young and in the night when it had no batteries it would play music.

Comment by Observer:
Oh for Pete's sake!! Get rid of the darned thing!! Burn it!!.


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