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When I was little I used to see things out a the corner of my eye, and well today. I would have never thought of it until now.... I live in an old old house and I always love to explore new things. Since I was little I have seen things and I thought it was my mind playing games until..
I woke up one morning with scratches on my back and during the night I wake about 3:15 every morning to hear a little's girl voice say get out or it will be to late. And now I am concerned because when nobody is home except me I hear footsteps in the attic knocking on doors, it gets very cold and it will be like 90 degrees outside and my air conditioner is broken. I hear unexplained noises, doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing ,lights turning off and on, items disappearing and reappearing, unexplained shadows in my bedroom. That is why I sleep in the living room, strange animal behavior and I feel as if I am feeling of being watched, feelings of being touched, cries and whispers, cold or hot spots and unexplained smells and the other day a picture frame came flying at me and there was no one in the house.
I was thinking of a Ouija board but someone said it would only open a door can someone please please help me and at night there is a black dog with red eyes that just sits in my yard . - Ghost picture submitted by Lucyiris

Comment by Alex:
Sounds like a demon, sorry maybe you brought it in or a family member or the person who lived there was into dark art and there is no telling if it will hang around you for long. Call a priest, all I can say is sorry they're everywhere. I'm Berry sensitive to energy, for some reason and I have came across strong creatures in the past. Don't give in, it feeds off fear and thing do get crazy. Well here's my email fishboy4532 @gmail. com I might have something that might help or tick it off more, email me back.

Comment by Jenn:
It is a demon. God above can banish it.

Comment by Madelein:
Hey it seems as everyone already pointed out to you it's a demon. Do not use a Ouija it's very dangerous. I would find someone who is a demonologist to get rid of it. I do know someone that can help you get rid of it.
If you do want to get rid of it yourself there is the devils box which is a better way to trap the demon. I can help I you want email me at madeleinraquel

Comment by Stephen:
Contact me.. I'm a paranormal investigator, with one other individual in my team and have done places in Orlando, St. Augustine, Tampa, and surrounding areas. If you're interested I'd love to come document findings and interview you as well.. stephen_erkintalo @yahoo. com my personal email.

Comment by Willow:
Hello Lucyiris I don't know how old this post is, and I have to be honest I came across it by chance. If you are still having these occurrences maybe I can give some insight. You are not alone. Let me know if you still need help.

Comment by Tim:
I lived in a house with many of the same occurrences you describe. I started leaving the TV on 24/7 on a gospel program out of Louisiana where Jesus Christ name is glorified. I did a lot of praying, and the presence got less and less. The last year I lived there the house was peaceful. The foul odor would come into the bedroom where a murder had taken place. It got to where when the odor would come, I would smile and turn before leaving the room and praise Jesus name. I'd come back in a couple of minutes, and the odor was gone. God can rid your home of demonic presences if you believe and proclaim your faith often.

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