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Well, I'm not sure where to begin with this. About a month ago, I began getting into general psionics and energy manipulation and made quite a lot of progress at first. However, since about 10 days ago, I've woken up VIOLENTLY ill, to the point where it's ''coming from both ends'' and achy cramps kind of thing every morning (you don't want the details. ) I've also been forcefully awakened by this nauseating feeling around 7AM every morning even though I normally sleep in until 10-12. These physical illnesses mostly go away when I leave the house, but return sporadically for 1-2 minute periods while I'm out. I would constantly feel like someone is behind me.

The day before yesterday, and this is going to sound stupid, I downloaded this app on my phone, so I could attempt to communicate with it. That definitely went well, because there are 2-3 supposed demonic entities that live in and around the house, and a LOT of other entities outside and along the street. The app, obviously, seemed unrealistic at first, (of course I had airplane mode on, so I could prevent any outside interference in case the app was remotely manipulated by someone else as a prank. ) Then I began getting some creepy responses, a lot of which are names and short phrases which I will attach as a photo, since I logged some of them.

The names of the demonic entities were given as: Betty and Timothy.

They're likely liars, but I know to avoid them and ignore what they say. Betty seems to be the ringleader, since that one appears to live in the attic and is most likely the one that is making me ill. Invoking the name of Christ staves off the nausea, and I haven't actually thrown up since the day before yesterday, but I'm still waking up with nausea in the morning. I know ''Betty'' is still trying to invade my life.

One of the first messages I got was ''The dead can't rest in.... '' It was cut off due to the limits of the application, but it's understandable. I also used the app whilst taking a brisk walk, keeping my eye on the phone as I left the house. One blip appeared on the screen and continued to walk closely behind me as I walked, confirming my previous suspicion that someone was following me.

I do, however, need help with this. I don't think I can get it to permanently leave by myself. I can stave it off, but it won't go away. If you're sensitive and live in North Port, the street I live off of is Bula Lane. It is down Salford Blvd before the Charlotte county line on US-41. I can't offer money for your services, because I'm literally broke, but I would definitely appreciate any help, even if it's only advice given. I would appreciate if you were to email me before you came over this way though. freedomlink2005 @yahoo .com . - Ghost picture submitted by Eric

Comment by Ellie:
Eric- you need to find a Baptist church and go there and ask them to take the demons away from you. Now if your house is haunted well that's like you standing in a pool of water. You could drown. You either need to move or get someone to come spiritually exorcise and spiritually clean your house.
If you don't own the house the best thing is to move!.

Comment by Observer:
Not good!.

Comment by Eric :
Well, since I posted this, things got worse, but things changed. It's all gone now, but my life has completely changed for the better because of everything that's happened. Honestly, I had forgotten I ever posted this on this site. Going back and reading over it, I should point out those demonic entities were not named ''Betty'' or ''Timothy.'' I'm pretty sure one of the others that was attacking me was nothing more than a trapped spirit who was angry at me for bringing those demonic entities into this home, and that has since been resolved. There are still other things going on, but it's nothing as dangerous or threatening as before.

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