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Saint Augustine Red Train Ride on Halloween night after 8:30pm. - Ghost picture submitted by Kathy

Comment by Tony:
This is what happens when a moth flies in front of the flash of a camera that has a low shutter speed. It's moving fast enough to become a blur and the motion of the wings is spread out. Creating that spiral effect.

Comment by Sojourn:
Beautiful ''apparition''.

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I was taking a ghost tour in St. Augustine with my then girlfriend. We got to one of the cemeteries (which you can't be near late at night without a tour guide present). I was taking numerous pictures that night.
Some turned up orbs, some turned up nothing. I pointed my camera out toward the cemetery, took a picture, and this came up. There were no other close-by light sources, and no people in my way. (it is impossible, because entering the cemetery is a very serious offense).
It appears to be an image of a man. You can make out a beard, nose, a bit of his ears, and a tunic-like shirt. I couldn't find any reason to believe this wasn't an apparition. Do you see what I see.. - Ghost picture submitted by Jimmy

Comment by anonymous:
The man's head you have caught in the picture is an Indian called Aseoli, he lost his head to a Spanish warrior when he was executed when the Spanish fought to keep Florida.

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