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There was a family that just moved to Phoenix City and bought an old trailer, they moved this trailer to a piece of property recently inherited. A few weeks after they got moving in and settled the two little girls started to complain to their mother that they were seeing an old man going in and out of the kitchen.
The mother soon gets tired of hearing the stories so she spends a night in the room with the girls. A few hours after laying there she sees and hears what they do. She gets up to see and old man looking figure going in the fridge getting her husband beer then sitting on the sofa.
The next day she tells her alcoholic husband. He doesn't believe a thing she is saying. She keeps nagging him about it. Then finally one night he comes home late and sees it for himself. He wakes her from her sleep and says we are moving from this house.

But the next morning the youngest girl said that she had a dream about an old man telling her to check the ventilation in the trailer. So her dad did that A. S. A. P. Well in the girl's room in the air vent he found around 3,000 dollars.
Soon after they called the police then moved their trailer when the trailer was moved the police and investigators found the old man's dead corps. The family got to keep the money and sold the property but never return to see how it looks. - Ghost picture submitted by Ericka

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