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Large shadow with wings to the left. Basic graduation 1990. - Ghost picture submitted by Darrell


Large shadow with wings to the left. - Ghost picture submitted by Darrell


I was just there visiting my daughter and my grandchildren. Every time I would bring my granddaughter with me she would get seriously ill. The first visit she threw up all day so I thought tummy virus and no one else got it.
Okay next visit she became so sick with high fever and for two hours we couldn't brake the fever. We were seriously going to take her to hospital. I finally put holy water on her and the fever broke!! Weird maybe coincidence but she is an extremely sensitive child.
Okay this time I brought her but prayed and put holy water before visit, during, and she was fine. Maybe she is used to the energy. Something sinister was residing there because my 6 month old granddaughter flipped backwards out of her swing.

Also the dog would shake and not go upstairs. I decided to sage the home and just prayed and now things are calm and peaceful. Although this visit I had a dream, I was paralyzed and couldn't move. I tried calling my daughter and couldn't do anything.
Finally I was able to say * * . To whatever was pinning me down and say Jesus and then woke up, it was a dream but it felt real. My daughter got this picture on her cell, we were walking the kids after dinner, it was dark and we both were taking pictures of the girls and just having fun.
Well I got some strange pictures so my daughter took pictures of this house, the front of the house with no lights on. This is the picture she got. It looks like the Addams family and the middle guy looks like Beetle Juice.

The weird part the little girl looks like my granddaughter. Just weird and creepy. I mean it definitely looks like a family. Weird. - Ghost picture submitted by anonymous

Comment by Cheryl:
We just moved to Fort Benning a little over a month ago (11/17/2014). We noticed very strange activities in the home ever since we moved in. Where did your daughter live; at what part of the base? I live off of Craig Road and in Custer Village, thanks so much; Cheryl Gilbert.

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Pictures of Fort Benning, lots of orbs. These are real orbs. - Ghost picture submitted by Ronnie

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