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This past 4th of July my daughter-in-law and I took my grand kids to the fireworks on fort Stewart GA. We sat in a parking lot with just a few other people only a few hundred feet away from hero's walk which is a place around the parade field that has hundreds of trees each planted for a fallen soldier.
I was snapping pics of my grand daughter playing and running with the 2 young boys of the man in the light blue shirt. The pics came out a little blurry because the kids were running and it was dusk but when I went through to delete them I came upon this shot! My daughter-in-law was right next to me watching me delete the shots and saw the figure the same time I did.
I cropped it down and immediately shared it with the gentleman in light blue and the few other people with us in the parking lot. There was no one walking past or standing there when I took the shot...

I posted it on facebook and sent it off to a few paranormal organizations I found on the internet. Most reply that it had to be someone standing there and we just didn't notice. I called the wife of the man in the light blue shirt - I still had her number because she had asked me to text the photo to her - and asked her if she felt like we missed someone passing by or standing there.
She replied that there was no way she would have missed a stranger near her children because she's like a mama bear when it comes to them. Thank you petra brooks. - Ghost picture submitted by Petra

Comment by PERSoNA Investigations:
First of all let me say I don't think the author is this image had any ill intent or tried to do anything wrong. I truly believe they thought they caught something paranormal. But... If you look at the second image on that website there is a woman (looks like a woman with a ponytail) wearing a grey pullover and shorts.
Sorry to say but this is a photo of nothing more than a out of focus and bad lighting of the woman that is in the second photograph. Look at the woman (or man) in this second photo taken later and tell me these two don't look alike.
Would the ''moma-bear'' be so unsettled to notice a young woman near her children as a man? I wouldn't think so. When in doubt, throw it out - Jason hawes TAPS Thank you JD Whoever PERSoNA Paranormal Investigations.

Comment by Observer:
Where is the second photo to compare?.

Comment by Holly:
1st let me say that anyone on the 4th of July wearing long sleeves would have had my attention especially if he appeared near my kids or in my direct line of sight. 2nd I don't see feet or a place where feet should be. Please don't throw this one out I think it is very good evidence personally.

Comment by Bea:
I'm an over skeptic about ghost pics and most of the ones I see are here are just down right silly. Some are just pics and then power of suggestion. This pic gave me chills because before I even read the explanation. I thought to myself that looks like a soldier from a long time ago.
I don't know where the ''second'' picture is that the other skeptic is referring to so I have no way to compare. But I'm observing an insubstantial character; very filmy, not solid standing and watching the little children.
The father is looking off to the right towards the vehicles and does not appear to notice the form in front of him. I find this pic to be very interesting and it appears to me you captured a possible spirit form! How cool!.

Comment by Aubrey:
Also does anyone notice how tall this person appears and how long his arms are? This doesn't strike me as figure of a woman (mom) as explained. I also agree I don't see any feet or legs where they should be.
Size wise it appears as though he was standing directly in front of the man in the blue chair thus you should see feet.

Comment by K:
Wow! It would be interesting to look up the history especially on that corner. To me the figure looks to be blindfolded. Also there are some other blurry shadows with the same coloring to the right in the background where the cars are parked. I wonder if they had hangings take place there back in the day.

Comment by Debbie:
Just so you know, Fort Stewart is built on top of an old community from the 1800s called Taylorsville. In fact the bodies in the church cemetery were moved to a more convenient location by the US govt. My family members have been granted access to the base as our ancestors are buried there.

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