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I have lived in Suwanee for 19 years. When we first moved here my daughter and I had the feeling that someone was watching us. Through the years I have heard walking, felt him standing next to me. He would also take things like tools, keys, remote to the TV, and then he would put them back months to a year later where they belonged. Last year I was going to take some pictures of an antique bed to send to an antique dealer. When I went to upload the pictures to send I was shocked to see the swirls of clouds in the picture. I sent them to a friend to show her the proof for the first time of the ghost. She is the one that pointed out the four ghosts in the picture that I hadn't noticed.

You can clearly see the one face in the floor inside the bed frame. The others are in the picture to the right of the one in the floor. A few months ago my dog was lying in the bed when she suddenly started growling with her hackles up and peering into the bedroom where I had taken the pictures. She would not go see what it was and refused to go with me in the room. She has done this a couple of times since. I know she has seen the ghost too. My neighbor has also taken pictures before I moved in at her house of floating blue orbs in her hallway. Recently she told me that she knew who the ghosts were. There is a sign on Old Peachtree Road about a plane crash that happened in 1953. She said that the plane crashed where we live and that it must be the ghost we have seen. - Ghost picture submitted by Karen

Comment by Daniel:
Hi Karen how are you? Do you still live in the house? What other activities are happening? If you would like my team and I would like to come to your home one evening and conduct a paranormal investigation. nightlifeparanormal @hushmail. com my name is Daniel.

Comment by Daniel:
Hello how are you? I commented on your sighting months ago. If you would like for my team and I to come to your home one evening and conduct a paranormal investigation.

Comment by Daniel:
I forgot to give you my number if you want an investigation. My name is 706-348-7006. My name is Daniel. Thank you.

Comment by Kyle:
I saw him on Zingara Road in Rockdale County GA in 2008.

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