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I lived in a one story 100 year old Victorian house on Gilmore Street in Waycross. 2 different paranormal teams came in to check out the activity in the old house, I have pictures of ghosts and orbs on my facebook page. Casper hunter . We got a couple orbs from a slave graveyard last night. - Ghost picture submitted by P.A.S.T.6

Comment by Tcrosby:
The photograph doesn't look legitimate.

Comment by Stoll89:
That's not even an orb, nice try.

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This picture was taken on State Street here in Waycross, GA on Christmas eve of 2005 just 3 months after I moved here. Picture was taken by my aunt with a 35mm camera this picture has not been enhanced in any way.
Needless to say that I was shocked when the picture was developed. Now in the picture in the area I marked it looks as though there's a white figure walking towards the camera wearing a long white robe holding flowers.
I'm thinking it might be my guardian angel?!. - Ghost picture submitted by Melissa

Comment by Carolyn:
This was on Plant Ave down from Krystal.

Comment by Melissa:
I am the owner of this picture and it was taken on State Street which is renamed Ossie Davis Pkwy now.. It wasn't on Plant Ave. I'm not sure what the name of the road is that ''cuts'' off from State St but that is where this pic was taken at back in 2005. There used to be bushes that said Waycross there (like on Plant Ave.) but they taken those out about 2 years ago.. I also had this pic submitted to other paranormal researchers and it's proven to be real, it's an angel.. (my guardian angel).

Comment by Lynn:
I zoomed in, and there appears to be a few other faces in the red orb. First look to the right of the picture and also far upper right. The ''angel'' to me appears to be the Lord. Just my opinion. This is awesome.

Comment by Melissa:
I had posted this back in 2005, and since then yes it's been proven to be real through several paranormal websites. For those who think this picture was not taken on State Street (renamed Ossie Davis Pkwy now) the road that runs behind it is named Johnson Avenue. You can just barely see the headlights of a vehicle coming down Johnson Avenue. Since then the bushes with Waycross carved into them has been removed, and now sits a welcome to Waycross stone plaque.

Comment by Staci:
Definitely your guardian angel.

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These were taken at a cemetery around 10:00. If you zoom in and look closely at the bush and to the right of the monument headstone you can see faces. The one in the bush looks like the face of a woman, the one beside the headstone has a beard and right beside his head is one with a mustache.
I hope you can locate the faces if you zoom in and look around you can see more. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura

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