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There is a white house in Glen, MS I lived in for 11 years growing up, it was on 300 acres of land and I would see images of people and hear people talking. Sometimes you would hear old fiddle music playing and a kid looking out the windows.
Sometimes you would also see dark shadows and some with red eyes you always felt like you were being watched. One time sleeping in my room I had gotten cold in my bed and felt something move like it was laying next to me.
Attached to this is a picture of the house. I would love to go there and investigate it and visit it due to all the memory's I had growing up there. - Ghost picture submitted by John

Comment by Sarg:
Could I get a location of the place I would like to investigate it, send info to sgtstarling @bellsouth. net if it is OK for my team to investigate.

Comment by Sam:
My name is Sam Smith, I am a news journalist and ghost hunter. I would like to visit you for a story on this house and the address to the location of the house in Glen as well. Please send information on all of this to my email Samueladamsmith1979

Comment by Justin:
My name is Justin and my partner and I would really like to know the location of this place and if it would be ok for us to investigate. Please send all information to thegrinder04 @yahoo. Com.

Comment by Amanda:
I just stumbled over this pic... I was like hey that's my old house. I lived there for several years during my high school life. I never saw anything creepy... Did get the feeling I was being watched there though sometimes.
I gave my heart to the Lord there back in 1999 so lots of prayers was made in that house.

Comment by braylyn @hotmail .com:
I have gone there with my friend that lives down the road from me and I live not even a mile and they tore it down. We went to the land the house was on and there was a dead smell. I didn't know it was haunted and I felt like I had to leave and heard my maw maw that is in heaven say go get out of their my friend and mom heard it to.

Comment by Tim:
Me and my wife was out riding around one sat. night and pulled into the drive way. My wife had gotten out of the truck to use the bathroom. While I was sitting in the truck I heard a voice mumbling. I was fixing to ask her what she said before I could she asked me what I said .
We both figured out neither one of us said the mumbling. Later on we looked on the internet, found the house they tore down had been haunted.

Comment by Braylyn:
I pulled and rode on the land with my friend Skylar on my four-wheeler and smelled death. I'm Tim's son, it was bad negative smell and something told me to get the hell out of there.

Comment by Bruce:
Me and Braylyn rode by there on his four wheeler, and I heard a voice say ''get out of here right now!''.

Comment by Dennis:
The house still stands right next door.

Comment by Michael:
What's the address? I'd like to go there Mike47ms2004 @yahoo. com.

Comment by anonymous:
The house is still there. It's falling in. I live right next door to it. Boo.

Comment by S:
My husband is from Glen and we would like to go by where the house was. Please send me the address or directions. Stjaw01 @aol. com.

Comment by Nicole:
Please send address and directions to jeremyj2531 @yahoo. com.

Comment by Regina:
I have a paranormal activity group, and we love to explore this place. Van, please send me the address to reginalwhite77 @gmail.

Comment by Anonymous:
Address? Savdanielle21

Comment by Kyleigh:
I'm not sure if I visited this house last night. Although the house in this picture looks exactly like it; I'm it 100% sure. While I visited though I heard trumpets and saw a black figure through the window with red eyes as it looked. The house was not only dangerous because of the floor caving and how broken it was but because of the evil energy. If you don't mind, please send me the address or photos of the house, so I could compare them to. Like I said, I recently visited a place that looked exactly like the photo shown here. My email is: Kyleighmc22 @gmail. com. Please and thank you :).


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