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I was just casually walking on a bright day. I don't recall the name of this trench, but it was on the Union side. I didn't notice the orbs and what appears to be pants legs until I was back at my hotel. I recall hearing whispers through the trees. I chalked up to other visitors even though we were in the park 30 minutes after closing time. I remember a feeling of being watched while taking these. I was walking with my 2 kids. Nothing special and wasn't looking for anything paranormal whatsoever. - Ghost picture submitted by Jennifer

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I went on a ghost tour in Vicksburg on Saturday, July 30 and when I got home and downloaded my photos, I have three orbs showing on this photo. There were none visible to the naked eye. - Ghost picture submitted by Susan

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In June 2005 David Childers and Steven Ellis founded GHX or ghost hunters extreme . On a hot summer night the two guys and a group of 6 decided they wanted to try out this paranormal kick that was going around.
So they loaded up in a green astro van and headed to a local cemetery armed with nothing but 3 recorders, an ir camera, 3 flashlights, and a digital camera. When the group arrived at the abandoned, grown-up cemetery they noticed a thickness in the air and the creepiness of the moss hanging from the Willow tree as the light of the full moon reflected off of it.
After about 3 hours of multiple questions and picture taking, the group decided to head home and go over the evidence. After an hour of listening to the recorders we came across a woman's voice responding to this question.

''did you die in anguish? '' the response was ''no! '' now keep in mind there was not one single female with us on this particular evening. This was a class A EVP!!!! This sent chills up our spines and from then on we were hooked.
Over the next 4 years we have investigated numerous homes, cemeteries, and local area landmarks. These would include: Linden plantation, mcraven, Duff green mansion, an old Civil War hospital, and so on.
In 2009 the group began to fall out of touch with one another. David decided to change the name and move investigating the paranormal to the next level. This is when he met Jennifer Lacey of t. S. P.

R. I. Vermont. The Mississippi chapter of truthseekers paranormal research and investigation was born. Over the next few years, t. S. P. R. I. Mississippi chapter has investigated with some great groups such as cspr, spars, mps, and soon to come shadowseekers.
We have had some great investigations and tons of evidence. We also enjoy interacting with our community by way of charity events, parades, and volunteer work. The group has come a long way over the years and we are looking forward to the future.
The future of investigating new places with new teams. Thanks to all who have been there with us present and past your support is the backbone that makes our dream possible. Happy hunting!!! @ special thanks to my team : Brandi Tarver, Bobby Rufus, Elizabeth Coody, Wayne Childers, and Rob Hood.

@ co-founder David Childers truthseekers paranormal research and investigations Vicksburg, MS . - Ghost picture submitted by David

Comment by anonymous:
In the mist it looks like there are two faces of men that are mad at you and want you to leave.

Comment by Jorge:
Looks like cigarette smoke.

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. - Ghost picture submitted by David Childers

Comment by Jorge:
Cigarette smoke.


I took a picture of a bright nice nice day in Vicksburg, but when I further reviewed my pics of that day it looks like there was gun smoke or cannon smoke, really cool. - Ghost picture submitted by Boats

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