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I've lived in Greenback for 10 years. Our house was new when we moved in. Unfortunately, I haven't done any research on the location to find out what was here before the subdivision was constructed. But I and two of my family members have definitely felt a paranormal presence in the house.
Most of the experiences seem to have happened in my room at night. I've seen dark shadows and just had feelings of uneasiness that were so strong they resulted in sleeplessness. For such a long time, I thought it was merely my mind playing tricks on me, but after an on going battle with this, I decided to tell my mom.
She does not live in the house with me, but she is a frequent visitor. When I told her of my experiences, she surprised me, by telling me two of her own... One day she was here visiting and was feeling ill, so I advised her to lie down in my bed.

She said as she lay there she felt a presence lay beside her. She said she didn't feel afraid, but rather comforted. She also told me a different time, she was in the living room on the couch one night.
Everybody else was asleep, and she heard a noise she described as an eerie moan, from the general direction of my room. She said it sounded like a woman, and it didn't sound friendly. This experience was unsettling for her.
When she told me these things, we blessed the house and during the process, my sister said she could feel a presence and the sensation of dread... As if something bad was going to happen. Luckily, nothing did, and since the blessing, my nights have been less frightful.

However, I was surprised at what I found in this picture. I took this photo from my front yard with the intention of capturing a beautiful sunset, and I may have captured something else too... There are a lot of strange things going on at the bottom of this photo.
It's completely unedited and I had no intention of documenting anything paranormal. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura

Comment by Caleb:
What part of Greenback? I may be able to tell you what used to be there. I grew up on Jena Rd off of Craig's Chapel. All of Jena is haunted. It at one time was a depot for the railroad.

Comment by Renee:
My momma grew up in Greenback, TN in the early 50s and has told me so many creepy things about the house she lived in. The odd happenings became so normal for them that she just learned to live with it, but there were a few terrifying things that happened.
I would love to hear more stories from this area!.

Comment by Eric:
We live on Thompson Bridge Road Greenback TN off 411 south where you're located. I would like too know we have live here for 25 years bought land that was a big hay field and built all houses that are here now and have had some pretty easy stuff happen from beating on doors shadows seeing thinks in upstairs windows why mowing, and just a creepy feeling day it might in any of the homes please message me on face book name is Eric Greenback Moffett.
I broke my phone I'll be back on in few days like too know where your located and if maybe you know any Moffett's we used too own Green Back Crush Stone ty.

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