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East Morelia Ave. Knoxville, TN. Concrete covers hidden secrets. - Ghost picture submitted by Sarah

Comment by Observer:
And what is ''concrete covers many secrets''? Ya want to elaborate? What secrets?.

Comment by anonymous:
I don't see a ghost at all. It would help if they pointed out where it is. If I widened the picture to zoom in on each part of the picture, I do see a big blurry bunch of stuff (a bush?) and what looks like it could be a very sketchy possible figure of a man there. More details please!.


This picture was taken at my old house a few years ago. My brother in law found the house for me and my husband to rent and was taking pictures for us to see. Nobody was in the house, it was locked and my brother in law was actually in the driveway a good ways away from the house and this is what turned up.
He did not see anything unusual when taking the picture. Once we moved in my husband who does not believe in ghosts saw her several times and actually would talk to her. It was a strange experience, just thought I would share this.
The house is on Ave B in South Knoxville. - Ghost picture submitted by Kim

Comment by Asha:
What are we looking at?.


This will be my last post for a while. Sarah, resident ghost says that she has money in a bank account that her relations need to pick up. It is in two accounts in the 37918 area of town. I am moving because of the dark and evil predictions of this house and of picture that I am getting on the night vision equipment I place at night.
No one in the house, no sounds or motion. And I find this on the sims card. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Jim:
From that day when I last posted I have now moved to an apt. Sara the ghost was warning me that death was coming to take me on. My health was bad, my wife left me. I have been here since the 18 of sept.
My health is greatly improved. The house where I was has been rented by my ex wife. Drugs and other illegal is going on. I am in an apartment, 3 types of security to get in, 24/7 cameras recording, and electronic door.
Safe ??? Sara said that she had plans to kill me accidentally. Sara saved me. My wife brought a gun on that she bought for 25 dollars, tried to shoot me. She warned me. She was not giving me my med right and saling the pain med.

And hiding the scrips that she would ask for. Without my knowledge. Now I am getting better, I am home but I have to say that you Sara for giving the strength to live.

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This pic was taken Christmas night off Thorngrove Pike. There is more than one spirit in there with us that night. On the left side you can see a face on the wall and on the right you can see the buttons on a little kids jacket.. Not sure how many spirits are in this pic. - Ghost picture submitted by Rodney

Comment by Steve:
It must be a Thorn Grove Pk thing. I live on a farm that has been in my family since the 1700s. We have had many experiences there. I feel that it's family keeping an eye on us.

Comment by Jessica:
Would like to know more about this. I am with RIP paranormal investigations. Please check out on facebook and let us help you.

Comment by Jeff:
I have a Nikon D3100 that allows you to take two photos in a row, then superimpose one over the other. Looks like what was done here.

Comment by anonymous:
This is Rodney and I can't even afford a fancy camera. This was taken with a cell phone. Our girls was asleep on the couch right next to this tree. I promise you I have no reason to fake this picture. We put these presents under the tree and took the pics. Lots of strange thing's happened there.

Comment by anonymous:
I see some pretty scary black foggy steps. It's creepy.

Comment by Rodney:
I am the one who posted this picture. I am still a little freaked out ever time. I saw this black mass swirling around our home with my children 5 feet away. I thing this same dark energy caused me lots of problems. It was so hard to sleep in that place after seeing what was in there with us.

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Ghost in the machine. The picture on the right shows a woman in a frame in the hall way. But the picture is not the one in the frame. It is a pic of my wife's kin but it shows a picture of a woman instead. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

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Something about the light. Face on the wall. Anyone have any idea what this could be?. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

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Spirit orb, same house on East Morelia Ave Knoxville, TN, same house taken with a digital camera. Notice the spirit orb. It was taken with same camera a split second later. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

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Spirit orb, same house on East Morelia Ave Knoxville, TN. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Louise:
Very disquieting ectoplasm . It love how two pictures were taken illustrating the movement of it.

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East Morelia Ave in North Knoxville, TN has it's own ghosts. 4 ghosts with a resident orb of an evil spirit reside here. Items in the house fly off shelves in the dining room. Be careful when in the shower, Sarah, our bathroom ghost likes to say things to people while in there.
If you get a feeling that someone is putting their knees in your back while sleeping on the couch, don't turn around. No one will be there. You will hear screaming at times, outside, with no one there to find.
This house and more on this street, since at least 1884, have had a lot of things happen. Even investigators do not know why but you judge for yourself, if you dare. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Benjamin:
Ghost feelings.

Comment by Jessica:
I would like to help with your problem. I am with RIP paranormal investigations. Please go on fb and message us.

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I was invited on a paranormal investigation in Knoxville. This was an ongoing investigation. The family had claims of objects moving on their own, things missing and then showing up in areas that have been searched many times.
Full bodied apparitions, and just pure terror on their part. We performed many eve sessions with video and still pictures. We did review some of the audio on site and captured what we believed to be disembodied voices.
We spent about 8 hours at the site and have a lot of evidence to review. The picture I am posting is from my personal camera which is just a cheap Kodak. But from what we experienced that night we decided to do a cleansing of the home, and after this was performed the home felt much lighter, but anyway there is a lot more evidence of this ongoing investigation. This is just one of many orb pictures I found when I reviewed my camera.. You will notice the large bright orb with 2 smaller ones under it, but there is another faint one almost dead center just below the ceiling . - Ghost picture submitted by Greg

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