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The activity has been going on for about 3 years or so and counting!! At home, we have seen lights flickering, things disappearing, EVPs, noises, appliances turning off, phones ringing-or experiences with phones dialing numbers while you are using them. My child sees things in the home more advanced than myself!! Everyone feels a negative presence, for example, past information on deceased evidence with past haunting, unknown sicknesses, new arising health conditions of residents or owners. We also found security cameras going off but no visible evidence for conclusions, more than one association or experience with ghostly presences, as well as names made available through the haunts. Stuff flying in mid air, things moving around or falling.

Other members of the family or friends have experienced unexplained occurrences in the house when they are there by themselves which also give them the knowledge that this may be a haunt. I often heard footsteps in my prescience of going to sleep. These footstep noises would occur as I laid in my bed alone in the house. That night I put a voice activated recorder by my bed along with a camcorder to film my first 2 hrs of sleep. I was spooked out beyond words to find EVPs in the morning upon reviewing the tape. In the owners' bedroom or master bedroom, distinctive cold spots were felt. One side of your body would be icy cold while the other side normal. In the basement-trailing orbs or distorted pictures have also been seen. We believe that the doorway in the 2nd bedroom could possibly be a portal entrance. Our child has stated that she sees that as a portal gate way for the spirits to enter and leave!! We have felt that tempers and attitudes (negative, extreme, aggressive, perpetual) have been affected by this haunt.

I have known of the encounters by experiencing them. My daughter has seen objects floating as I have dismissed them until recently I observed stuff moving on their own in front of my eyes. I saw appliances turning off and on (lights, TV, satellite, radios, etc. ,) debunked too- no wind, nothing). We also live near a cemetery and the grounds on which we live have prior history of Indians and civil migration. As many as 5 deaths in the last 2 years have been reported within 500 to 1000 feet of the property as well as the contact of those spirits dying being witnessed on the this property shortly after death of a minor child. I have pictures of colored orbs from white to red. Flashes of light are also seen from the corner of your eye. Cameras sometimes malfunction, batteries depleted, things in the house broken. These happen with no possible explanation for the occurrences and no physical evidence of material matter left. Sometimes I hear unexplainable noises like noises of things moving in the walls or against the walls in the computer room, and sometimes they stop once you play music. I see doors moving with no wind, and hear tapping at the window but with no trees or bushes present in the area of the window.

Please also note that religion practices of cleansing tools and rituals do not work. Activities have increased through renovations to the house as well as the initial move of our family of 2 humans and 2 dogs. When we are not here activity continues, usually experienced by people (e. G. Friends, grandmother, or sibling to the owner) entering the home and remaining for a period of time. During the holidays time, the activities are highly active. Digital capture images of orbs always prominate on holidays (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, etc. ,) !!

Most recent activity was in the last month when my mother came to the house to check on it while we were out of town in Florida. This was not a single incident. Me and my daughter have to leave for long periods of time to escape the final pressure built up of what we are experiencing in this household. I have had the house on the market for 6 months now to escape this haunting. I have just come back from a 6 month stay in Florida to escape the prior hauntings which are very creepy to be around. When it pleases to bless us with its presence it will. Upon our arrival on the property from our visit to Florida on Monday, 7th of January 2008 (early morning 4 am), we heard unexplainable noises coming from the basement stairs. As if that was not enough, we also heard crashing noises, experienced stuff falling down, heard someone tripping and dropping things and stairs-sounds of wood being hit. This house can scare you living in it.

I was told to ''get out before it breaks me or ruins my life!!! '' I'm sensitive to spirits and have had previous encounters in my last house with the paranormal. No prior ghosts have been recognized here since our move from Florida. All ghosts are new. I have seen a past relative after death and was unaware that she was even dead. She was in ecto mist form, but I knew it was her because I could hear her voice talk to me. She had told me that she had pasted on and to come and sing her silent night one last time. I ran, freaked out and confronted my mother and aunt about the death to find out that she had passed away that day. They never held a secret again. My mother says that she has seen a little girl in the house the day we came back from Florida. She was running really fast around my child, my mother could see her head bouncing around the room with blonde hair. A little girl died in the house at the age of one from S. I. D. (sudden infant death). Stories of her haunting sent a relative to claim her. The older sister of the little girl has come back to the house to get her little sister in spirit but instead she left the room frantic from noises of the room. We would love to see if you can document this experience for us and also find a way to settle the spirits activity to maintain a healthy household living style with a normal function for once. Please be safe, it is a jungle out there!! . - Ghost picture submitted by C

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