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I was working a painting job in the downtown area of Murfreesboro about 2015-summertime. Pinnacle bank building. This was the building with four floors. Anyway. I'll tell ya now. This will sound like a twilight zone story for sure. Still get creeped out writing this now. So my story which is true starts with me and the boss' son and another co-worker painting on the 2nd floor of that building. I had to train the boss' son to paint, so we worked together all day long. He was in every room I worked. As we were working my radio (which has never shown signs of malfunction) started going from Aux to Bluetooth all by itself! It would cycle though the FM Radio and land on Bluetooth. Did this a lot. 5 times at least. The sounds after it landed on Bluetooth where just crazy! Different languages would come out of it, and it wasn't Spanish.

The boy ask me if I thought it was ghosts messing with the radio. And jokingly I said ''if it was a ghost and wanted to make me angry. It would play some rap music because I hate it. '' As soon as I finished my sentence rap music came blaring out of the radio. No Joke! Look, I'm 52 years old. And shaking now. More noises came from it over the next 30 minutes. Like imagine baby crib mobile music with grunts and growls over top of that. Hair standing -up on my arms right now thinking about this stuff. So since unplugging the radio didn't stop the sounds. I decided to tape the toggle switch in the back of the radio to ''off'' because it would not stay off!

And we (3 painters) sat the radio with its tapped back showing on the floor and watched as the tape slowly pulled back on its own. Then nothing happened for about a minute. I said out loud ''well, I guess it ran out strength'' after pulling the tape off. That's when my radio went flying across the hallway into a door!

More to this story. Just a little rattled writing this. So now every time I put my roller to the wall that day. Things were thrown at me across the room, and no one was in the room: things like screws, conduit connectors, drywall, and scrap, etc. Any other downtown ghost you know of? Tell me!. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Jim:
See my picture.

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I have lived in the Walter Hill area for about twenty-three years. We first moved to the Roanoke subdivision in Walter Hill in October 1997. We never really had anything happen there. We built a house about three miles from there known as the Chapel Hill Subdivision about seven years later. Now this was a new home, and we were the first to live there. I have had my microwave light come on and go off while I was standing close by. My TV has come on and went off by itself. I was upstairs one day, home alone, and heard what sounded like a glass hitting the floor. I went downstairs to see who was there, and no one. But there was my glass on the floor!! All the doors were locked! Another morning I was in my bathroom, downstairs off the master bedroom, and I heard three to four footsteps like a man's work boots would sound. I went to the living room as fast as I could, and no one was there again!!I called my husband and sons to make sure they had not come back home for something, but not them!! I have experienced touching, and things I may talk about one day!! The picture speaks for itself!!. - Ghost picture submitted by Lori

Comment by Lori:
I got this pic on Friday night September 13th 2013! I did not see it at the time I took this pic but later when I went in and looked through the pics I had taken that night is when I first saw this, it took my breath away literally!! I have had experiences all my life but this has truly left me questioning all I ever thought I knew!!.

Comment by KF:
We also experienced paranormal activity when we lived in the Chapel Hills subdivision. We had our house built in 1999 and had things happen from the first night we stayed until we moved in 2009.

Comment by Ck:
If you ever want to get rid of those ghosts and paranormal things, just let me know. Jesus Christ wipes them out. But I can tell you how he did it for me otherwise continue to live with evil spirits. God bless!.

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I live in Manchester, TN. Now but lived in M'boro for years and I am a sensitive and a paranormal investigator. I have a small paranormal group also. One day we, me and my friends, Connie and my daughter Destiny who are in my group were at Stones River battlefield and we were out there taping.
We have taped out there many times before. We were driving to the slaughter pen area, site 3 and while driving to the site we got soldiers running by on the woods line. We pulled up to park and get out to walk back into the woods so we could investigate back there.
There was no one around but us 3 girls. We had set up our camcorders on the rocks pointed in different directions and we had voice recorders running and we were taking pictures too. We asked for the soldiers to give us a sign and all the sudden the wind kicked up only in the wooded area we were in and we heard walking behind us.

We all were sitting on the rocks and being quite too. This was in the fall and the leaves were off the trees and it was around 65 outside. But when were in the woods the temperature dropped and turned very cold, around 30 degrees.
{I had my digital thermometer}. We have taped many times at S. R. B. And every time we take picture in the slaughter pen area towards this one area we always get a lighted path from the top of the sky to the ground.
Also, it is always colder in the slaughter pen area than out and it is more active than other places there. We have gotten activity in other places though. We also get a lot of voices of soldiers there.

We have heard gunfire and canons being shot off. It is really haunted! We have caught even horses on film and in pictures also. - Ghost picture submitted by Camilla

Comment by anonymous:
I can see two solders.

Comment by no namer:
That is freaky!.

Comment by Boisseaushelia:
Very interesting. Thank you.

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