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Well me and my girlfriend decided one night to go to the Obion River Bridge that has been closed down for a good while. We had a camera and we started taking pictures while we were walking through the bridge at night.
We kept getting pictures with orbs of different shapes and colors when we passed the bridge over the river we noticed the water wasn't moving and was totally still and dead silent.... When we walked back and crossed the bridge again on our way back we noticed the water was moving and the wind was blowing.
At that time I stopped and I said ''if there is someone here show yourself'' and I said a couple of curse words just to be funny with my girlfriend. After that I took a picture after saying that and that was the last picture I took.

We felt like something was following us and a weird feeling surrounding us. When we got home and checked the pictures for a better view of them we noticed the last picture taken after saying that we noticed that on the picture....
Pretty creepy!!! Thanks for reading this because it's true and I felt like telling it to the rest!! Tell me what ya think and leave some comments.... - Ghost picture submitted by Eddy

Comment by Nonnie:
Ok - same Obion Bridge - My father who graduated from Obion High School in the 1940s told me this story when we'd go to visit. His older sister and her friend were driving back from Memphis one night late, and he was drifting in and out of sleep on the back seat. He was about 8 or 9. They were chatting away when all of a sudden it was dead silence in the car. His sister spoke after a few minutes and turned to her friend and said ''did you see him?'' And her friend said ''yes, it was our principal from Obion High School wasn't it?'' The scary part is that their High School principal had been killed on that very bridge early that school year. They both swore it was him sitting on the edge of the bridge as they drove by. He was a great principal, but that story always gives me chills.

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