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My friend, a fellow paranormal investigator, and I went to my childhood home on Herman Road in DeKalb County TN. As a small child I witnessed several strange things happen in the home such as chains that turn lights on and off, swinging, TV turning on and off by itself, doors creaking open and closing with no wind inside, and the sounds of footstep upstairs.

On one occasion a shadow person peeped around a corner around the corner of my room that led to the upstairs. My dad was lying on the couch behind me, and as soon as I saw the figure it quickly jerked its head back into the darkness. I jumped behind my dad on the couch, and as if he knew he instinctively looked the direction it was and described what it looked like without me telling him anything.

Although my dad has never been scared of anything human or spirit, he jumped up and started walking in there to see what the figure was. As he walked in my room, he saw nothing, and neither did I. However, he walked up to the attic door and turned the old fashioned lock. He described what he felt as a sudden rush of cold air that made the hair on your neck stand up in the middle of July.

I told my friends about the freaky things going on around there, and being eleven years after that curiosity got the best of me. They talked me into going back and investigating these strange paranormal activities. We arrived there, and we went in and asked it questions. My friend asked it ''can you knock on the wall?'' It replied in a very deep tone ''be quiet. '' Another question my friend asked was ''what was the shadow figure Jesse seen?'' Then a woman in a back bedroom sounded like she said ''my son?'' On the last moment before our investigation my friend asked it ''do you want us to leave? If you want us to leave, you will have to scare us off because we aren't leaving?''

A few minutes later it sounded like someone was trying to get in the door, and we said ''yeah forget this. We are leaving. '' On the final record during the time of the door making noises we heard to small children a girl saying ''daddy?'' We also heard a little boy saying ''where are you going dad?''

I have PROOF. Pay attention to the window I'm looking at. Yeah very crazy. - Ghost picture submitted by Jesse

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