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The Franklin Plantations are the foremost haunted houses in White Pine, TN. Me and my two children were riding by the house around 3:15 from picking them up from school and saw two very tall figures to the right of the house and one smaller figure between the two tall figures as if a child, the two figures looked as if they were holding the child's hands.
I use the word figures because I can't completely tell you what we saw . We are all in agreement how they looked as if they were dressed up in cemetery garb, the male on the left hade a top hat on, they were in all black .
It seemed that their backs were to us and were walking or floating away from our view which lasted about 30 to 45 seconds until the trees blocked our view . The picture was taken in 1870 on the front porch of the home .

He had six children and maybe three of the children are pictured here and the nanny, Mr. Franklin and his wife, and a slave girl in the middle which most land owners of this time did not let the slaves into a family picture, I found this very interesting.
She looks out of place and very spooky, her shoulders are dropped, no facial expression, but yet centered in the photo. Only three are facing the camera and she is one. - Ghost picture submitted by Yow

Comment by Stac:
This info is incorrect. The Franklins never live here he was the builder only. This is also not a pic of the plantation house on main hwy. This is a pic of the other home that sits several roads back from main hwy.

Comment by Zane:
My grandfather grew up in the Fairfax mansion. His mother was Elizabeth and married ''that red headed Carson boy''. They raised their family in that house. I visited it about 15 years ago and asked the owner at the time about it being haunted.
He said due to the many deaths that occurred on the property it was very haunted and quite unnerving at times. When it came on the market several years later I was intent on purchasing it but my husband vetoed the idea because it is haunted.

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This picture was taken at Sharps Cemetery in Whitepine, Tennessee on Friday October the 7th. - Ghost picture submitted by Nicole

Comment by Jody:
I had 2 separate scary incidents while sitting in a car in front of the gate. First time it felt like someone repeatedly pushed down on the front passenger side. Then approximately 2 weeks later while sitting in the same spot in front of the gate the car was actually pushed sideways.

Comment by Fairfax:
This property is currently being slowly remodeled and updated. No paranormal activities have occurred at the Fairfax house. Can't speak for the Lawson Franklin house however.

Comment by Ashley:
What is the address to this cemetery?.

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