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My young daughter and I used to live in a two-bedroom apartment located in a large brick home in Mixerville, Indiana. The building was 200 years old and had been a post office, general store, and an inn (I believe) over the years. I lived there for a period of about three years. Over that time I noticed that no one seemed to stay in the upstairs apartments for very long. The longest lasting tenant was a gentleman that was attending graduate school at Miami University. He rode a bike and kept weird hours. He was very quiet, and the most you would ever hear out of him was a few footsteps. I recall hearing him come and go, walk up and down the staircase in the foyer of the building located just outside of my apartment door. There were three apartments located inside the building. Two were located upstairs, and one was located on the main floor. There was a fourth ''room'' that was unfinished and had served as a store at one point in the building history. This room was vacant and not finished as a dwelling. Anyone coming or going from an apartment had to use this same foyer and stairwell to access our apartments, so it was not too strange to hear footsteps out there. Until I realized one day that my upstairs neighbor had moved out and that I was now the only person living in the building!

I continued to hear the sounds of my ''neighbor'' moving about in the apartment above me. There were still footsteps in the stairwell after that. I would fling the door of my apartment open to find absolutely no one out in the foyer of the building. I even would occasionally hear the sound of a chair or similar sized item of furniture being moved across the floor of the upstairs apartment. There were many other strange happenings while I lived there. I had managed to convince myself that each happening had an explanation. My daughter and I would hear muffled and static sounding voices in the house, but we could never make out any words. We would also have a lot of trouble keeping light bulbs in the house. They would blow out all the time. I even had the building inspected by an electrician once because I was worried about fire hazards and old wiring in the building. It turned out that there was really nothing wrong and that the building was actually up to code. Batteries would die in my cell phone, my TV remote, and all of my daughter's toys. My little dog spent his days hiding under my bed while my daughter and I were away at school during the day. The place had a very creepy feeling about it. My dog would actually tuck his tail between his legs and cower and growl at unseen things in the house. It was very frightening because there was never anything there!

My daughter used to cry to sleep in my room with me because she said that she could hear voices talking in her room at night. I used to wake up to the sound of my stereo playing in the living room. I used to also arrive home to find that the main door to the building was locked. I would have to call the maintenance man to come and let me in because I had no key for that door. Every time it happened, the maintenance man would be just as confused as me because there was never any sort of scheduled maintenance that had taken place earlier in the day. To make things even stranger, once the main door was unlocked and opened, I would always find that my own apartment door was not only unlocked - but standing wide open! There was never a thing missing or out of place, and it seemed to happen about four or five times over the three years that I lived out there. Things got really frightening when I decided to move back to the Dayton area. I would pack items into boxes only to find that some of the items had been unpacked when I was not looking. It eventually got so bad that I was afraid to be in the place alone. You just never knew what weird thing was going to happen next.

One afternoon I was out on the back porch of the place packing up my plants and lawn decor and a young man came bolting down the fire escape stairs towards me. He was a little frantic and wanted to know if I knew anything about the place. He had apparently moved in over the weekend, but I had not been home during that time. He said that his roommate left after the first night because he was frightened. He was obviously frightened too. He said that he kept finding that his things had been moved and could hear unexplained voices and footsteps in the building. The guy ended up moving out almost as quickly as he had moved in. The final creepy events happened for me in the last couple of days before I finally moved out for good. I actually experienced doors opening and closing all by themselves! I stopped sleeping there and went to sleep with the elderly couple across the street from me. The last evening I spent in Mixerville was with those nice old folks. We sat on the front porch of their home and looked back at the old brick building. They told me about other ghost stories from the area and shared with me that they felt that the whole area was actually haunted.

I have since heard a few different ghost tales about buildings in that same little area. There was a white house which belonged to a couple that I knew. The house was actually right across the street from me. The couple had two small children that claimed to see people in the house. I never saw any shadow figures myself while living in Mixerville, but I am certain that something or someone (or maybe a few ''someone's'') are trying to make contact with the folks that live in that small rural Indiana village. - Ghost picture submitted by Jennifer

Comment by Rhonda:
While the old brick building may be haunted the rest of the town seems to be ghost free or at least no one else seems to be experiencing any super natural events. I've maintained a residence here for over fifteen years and my husbands family for over fifty and never had a problem or sighting.
I will say this, it was an interesting read and thanks for sharing.

Comment by Denise:
Very interesting story and place. It seems to have enough moving stuff to make you a bit nervous. I have moved more than once because of places like this. Odd, how they built no walls upstairs. That's different. Good article.

Comment by anonymous:
Well thanks for all that great news. My wife and I are viewing the house tomorrow and plan on purchasing it. Wish us luck.

Comment by Misty:
My son Steven owns this house, and yes it is haunted, but nothing evil seems to reside here.

Comment by Someone:
Misty, they are talking about the brick house. Steven does not own that. It's owned by the Wespieser's.

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