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I wrote me and my family's story of the Haunting on Armstrong Street and submitted it to Syfy Channel's Paranormal Witness where we participated in the filming and production of my story in May 2012 in Indianapolis Indiana. Me and my family were interviewed by London England's Raw Television, who produced their program, Paranormal Witness. The episode ''Deliver Us From Evil'' aired on July 10, 2013.

In Kokomo, Indiana on N Armstrong St, near where Roosevelt school used to be, was my childhood home. My family lived in it from 1970 - 1997. Now the house is gone and is no longer on the lot. A serial arsonist burned the home, and it was demolished. He seemed to be bothered by it as it sat empty unsettling him. What he may not have known is there was a demonic infestation of that home.

There were bouncing and zipping white and blue lights. Black masses would form and hover and even attempt to possess by pressing me and my family's chest at night. It was quite suffocating. The bookcases which contained my father's theology books from his pastoral college were continuously moved and thrown across the room by an unseen force. At night me and my siblings would be bothered by what felt like hands inside the mattress pushing upon us.

My mother had a very large picture containing glass seemed to hover and then come crashing down upon my mother's head, yet she did not feel the force upon her. The shards of glass did get into her skin.

Frost would strangely appear on the walls all year round even in the summer months. An entity in corporeal form appeared outside my bedroom window revealing what looked like multiple rows of animals' teeth and appeared to be coming through the window pane.

My brothers witnessed a totem pole creature. They described a creature with multiple heads around the main head on its front, sides and back with long protruding arms, claws and a snarly grimace upon its face.

Our pet poodle Sam was somehow thrown through the panes of Antique French window glass continuously, hurting him. We eventually had to get rid of him because we didn't know what was happening to him, nor could my father continue to afford fixing the glass.

We would often hear sounds of a female voice shouting ''help me. '' This unexpected shouting from the attic would often scare my best friends from ever wanting to stay with us in our house on the weekends.

Because my father was a fervent prayer warrior and Bible scholar the demon present would become angry and unintentionally provoked and slammed the kitchen ceiling so hard that it came crashing down upon my father cutting him badly.

As my parents put everything into the home, they could not afford to leave or move all five of their children. My father finally also witnessed the corporeal form of the demon in the house as it tried to tear the sheet from off his face. My father clutched the sheet covering his face in fear as he had seen what appeared to be a glowing 4-feet green apparition, resembling a creature like ''leprechaun. ''

My father's health began to decline because of Diabetes and Heart failure. However, being exposed to the negative energy of the house did not help his condition but only weakened him. After me and my sisters and brothers married and moved out my parents finally left the home.

Another family came in and experienced similar issues with their dogs going through the panes of glass of the old part of the house. That family left the property after a short amount of time abandoning the house. The house sat dark and empty. What was once one of the prettiest homes on the block became abandoned and lonely. I often believe that whatever lived in the darkness there must have spoken to whomever would listen. Possibly the arsonist, who only lived 2 houses away, became susceptible to the spirit and heeded its summons. He went into the back of the house where our dog would be thrown through the panes of glass by some unseen force. There the arsonist lit the fire which would cause the demise of my childhood home. He reported the fire from a parking lot nearby. The police were right there watching him report the fire he started. He was apprehended and charged with felony arson. It was discovered he had been responsible for many fires in Kokomo's north end in the Washington Heights area.

I am now a paranormal investigator and go there to investigate with my EMF meter, thermometer gauge, and video. There is still heavy EMF in the Back Central part near the ground. It is in the shape of a circle as the violets only grow in that spot in the spring. You can't miss it. It is an empty lot in the middle of the block of North Armstrong Street.

I will attach a few pictures. You will see the pretty remodeled house and addition after 1975. The house was a 1925 Bungalow. There is a photo of the house after the fire from the back of the house in the Kokomo Perspective in July 2001. It is the bedroom window where the arsonist Robert stated he heard voices telling him to burn it. He told the police that it gave him a great relieve to burn it. It was also in the Kokomo Perspective and Tribune.

If you get the chance, you can look for it on where you can watch Paranormal Witness: Deliver Us From Evil -Season 3 Episode 5. I have returned to Kokomo after living in Rhode Island awhile to write the story about my childhood home and the haunted experiences there. You can find me on Facebook under Lana Brock. Please visit me and feel free to write if you have questions about the haunted house on N. Armstrong Street.
approximately 2018. - Ghost picture submitted by Lana

Comment by Anon:
Saw the show. It was very interesting. Good story telling. A lot of information.
approximately 2019.

Comment by Observer:
You being a child of a pastor should know better to not try and summon a spirit also known as a demonic entity! God forbids any and all interaction with these things.

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