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One day I was spending the night with my friend, her little cousin came over. Her little brother and her cousin were playing in her brothers toy box in the other room. When my mom went to go check on them, she saw a floating image right next to the toy box.
She screamed and yelled for my friends mom. Before the ghost could disappear she took a picture of it with her phone. We all came running in the room asking what was wrong. When we came in the room we didn't see anything.
We all asked mom what was wrong she said that there was a ghost of a man right next to the toy box. We were all like but there isn't anything there. Then she showed us the picture on her phone. After that we made the boys get a few toys and come in there with us.

In the next few days my friends brother was acting weird. He would go in his brothers room and try to hand toys up to thin air. About a week later my friends mom had put my friends little brother to sleep, she turned the baby monitor on before she went in the kitchen to clean up.
There was no TV on or anyone talking never were the boy was sleeping. When my friends mom was almost done cleaning the kitchen she heard some women talking on the baby monitor. She went in the bedroom there was no one there.
She search everywhere in the room but there wasn't anyone in there. About a month later they moved. My friends mom look in to the background of the house and found out that the house sits on a grave yard.

Ever since they have lived at there old house I have believed in ghost. Do you believe me?. - Ghost picture submitted by Sarah

Comment by Michael:
Hello. I am a paranormal investigator researching out of Scott county. Very interesting story I'd love to investigate. Please contact. Me at apacheheli101 @gmail .com.

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