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One night my friend and I were in the living room and we were watching a movie. When my friend had to go to the bathroom she left the room and I got this weird feeling. When she came back we took pics of the hallway and we got some freaky stuff on it, this is what we got. - Ghost picture submitted by Anonymous

Comment by Ayakashi:
I can't see anything... But uh is that a back pack hanging on the doorknob?.

Comment by Brian:
I see a little kid or something... Not sure...

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People may think this story I'm about to tell is fake, but it is not you can believe me or not your choice. Okay this is what happened, it was 3:31 am and I was playing Xbox live cause we were on summer vacation and that's what I always did at night, play games.
So it was around 3:20 am (may-12-2009) when I started hearing noises but I thought it was just my dog named Lacey but I kept hearing the noises louder and louder so I went to check on Lacey but the dog was sleeping so I kind of freaked out.
So I went back on playing my Xbox thinking I was maybe just too tired and the noise was probably from outside but what really freaked me out was when my TV started flickering on, and off my door slammed shut I got up and tried to get out my room and warn my mom but my door didn't open I don't know what happen after but I blacked out and when I my mother woke me up around 4:03 am cause she thought I was making a lot of noise but I told her what happen, I had a big bump on my head and was bleeding from my left nostril.

So the following day me and my mom reported this and called ghost hunters and thing related to that, but no one ever respond so please help I think we have demons in our house and we are planning to move cause this is happening more frequently and it is getting more aggressive.
Please help contact me in my email johnnyboy92@yahoo. Com, I have uploaded a picture of my room before I packed up things because we are moving before thing start to get more serious. - Ghost picture submitted by Jonathan

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