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My granddaughter who is four asked who the old man was that talked to her. I thought she was speaking of my friend's elderly father from my friend's Christmas dinner at Christmas. He was the only older man she would not have known. She talked often of him, and I told my friend that my granddaughter really liked her dad. But he was not the old man talking to her. She took some picture with her Hello Kitty Leap Frog Pad, from beside me in our living room, and said ''here he is; who is he?'' And there on her camera was a solid form of an older man, sitting in the chair just to our right.

Nobody has ever seen this man before, and I sure would have seen him sitting there. None of the other photos had anything supernatural. The photo of the old man also has a very frightening image of something else in the background. He told her he lived in a town with lots of toys that she would like. He said he likes it here, so he stays. She doesn't understand that he is not visible to me. She said he is nice to her, but the shy people live in the TV and tell her cartoons to say bad words. My home is only 10 years old, and it is on the north end of where Kiddieland used to be. Nobody was in my house, and we tried to recreate the photo by taking many pictures at the same time of day. But nothing not even other photos on the camera. But there was nothing. - Ghost picture submitted by Dawn

Comment by Bokaba:
If this picture is genuine (not just an actual person photographed) it is one of the most extraordinary photographs ever taken. It clearly shows a detailed human form of a man with long gray hair wearing glasses and a tie of some sort with a black robe or overcoat.
His dress and style appears to be late 19th century. This apparition appears to be intelligent since it appears to know that your daughter is a child and addresses her as such. One of two things is going on here: either your daughter has extremely strong psychic powers and can cause a photographically verifiable manifestation of human form or the figure really is something from the other side.
I would suspect the latter given that it is unlikely your daughter knows how people dressed in the 19th century. If the apparition continues contact you should seek professional help.

Comment by Bob:
It looks like Teddy Roosevelt.

Comment by Sandy:
I know Dawn. She is not a ghost hunter; her story as she told it is the truth. When she showed me the picture she was genuinely concerned.

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