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I live in an old house on Greeley Avenue in Vevay, IN, the house used to be a duplex but was turned into one large home later. I get up in the mornings to get the children off to school and once they leave I used to put my headphones on to listen to music. My father-in-law was staying with us at the time and came out to have coffee with me so I didn't have my headphones on.
We clearly her someone walking around upstairs and the sounds of someone coughing. When he asked me what kids stayed home I told him that they were all in school. My father-in-law then asked me what were the noises upstairs and I explained to him that is why I wear my headphones in the morning so I don't hear noises upstairs.

Little things kept happening in our house and I kept saying it was a ghost but my father-in-law doesn't believe in ghost. So one day as my husband and I were sitting in my dining room and I said something about ghosts my father-in-law yelled there is no such thing as ghosts and a dry erase board that was attached to the dining room closet door flew off the door and hit the wall across from it. This thing flew eight feet straight out from the door and hit a ladder that was there putting a dent in the dry erase board.

The scariest thing was recently. I take pictures with my cell phone and upload them to my computer. I was showing a friend some pictures and in two of the pictures I took of me and my daughter there are two women's faces and the faint outline of a man's body! These photos were taken by me sitting in my dining room and these figures were in my living room.

A couple of days later I was looking at the pictures again trying to make sense out of it all and my youngest who is in the picture asked what I was doing when I told her that I was looking at a spooky picture she said ''Oh, mommy you got a picture of Mary Mary, Mary April, and Frank!'' I asked her who they were and she told me that they were the ghosts that live here in our house that she talks to!
approximately 2014. - Ghost picture submitted by Cheryl

Comment by Betty:
Do you all still live on this property? If so, I work for a Paranormal group called Ky Bluegrass Spirit Seekers. We are licensed and interested in helping if you need or want us to. We do not charge anything. Please if you want to, email me at That is a very good picture. Please allow us to help find out why they are there or if they need or want help to cross over. Thanks.
approximately 2017.

Comment by Charles:
My aunt and uncle lived on Greeley. Also my other aunt. There was also a family named Shadday. I think it was in the 300 block of Greeley. Where do you live? I might be able to help. My email is c_satchwill
approximately 2018.

Comment by Claire:
Very intriguing you should take more pictures and see what else you get! And then post them here of course lol.

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