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I just moved into an apartment complex in Yorktown a month ago and I've been noticing some strange things happening here. The first occurrence that I have noticed was when I was sending my two siblings to bed; I had yelled asking what they were doing upstairs.
As soon as I said that almost as it was answering to my right I heard someone or something say nothing. The second thing that terrified me was when I was taking some laundry upstairs to my bedroom.
I hadn't turned the hallway light on, but my bedroom light was on so I thought I didn't have to worry. I was wrong. When I walked past my younger brother's room I saw something standing there next to his dresser.

It wasn't him because he was downstairs watching TV. The apparition in his room looked about the size of a child. The third incident was when me and my friend were watching the TV show ghost adventures .
The show was basically telling us that if we turned a radio to static and ask questions a spirit might use it to answer. We tried that; asking a series of questions such as are you a boy or a girl. It answered neither.
Then we asked if it was a human being, it said maybe. Later that night we decided to go to her house. Upon leaving the house my friend asked me if my mom had anything in front of her window or sitting on her windowsill.

I said she didn't. My friend then told me not to turn around and look up in my mom's bedroom window because there was something in it watching us. We then went to her house to calm down. I have tried to use multiple things to help the spirit or protect myself.
I have salt in my window and I splash holy water on my bedroom door before I go to bed. I've also tried ringing a small bell around my house in corners. I took a picture with my cellular phone and got the picture included.
Where the toilet should be I've noticed there's something peeking out at me. I will update further incidences. Thank you for reading. - Ghost picture submitted by Pepper

Comment by Observer:
You people are foolish to converse with demons.... That is exactly what they are.... Demons!.

Comment by Pepper:
I didn't know exactly what it was at the time. I thought I was talking to one of the other spirits in the apartment. But apparently I wasn't.

Comment by Matt:
Hi, where is the apartment located? We live off of 500 in Yorktown. Last summer we were riding around in our Jeep with the top off late at night with a couple of friends, and we ended up riding through Hawk Cemetery. I was taking pictures, and after we got home I looked at the pictures, and a black shadow was on my friend's face. We were actually just riding through the cemetery because we thought two people we knew like parents when we were younger were suppose to be buried in that grave yard. Cet02001 @yahoo.com.

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