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This is a picture of a house on Burton Pike in Georgetown, KY before the new owner attached metal to it and added 2 pole barns to the home. Owner didn't stay long. He sold it, and the new owner barely made it a year before putting it up for sale. Definitely haunted. I have been in the home while abandoned. There were doors slamming and things moving. Scary place. - Ghost picture submitted by Nellie

       Category: home

My family moved to Bourbon Street in Georgetown when I was 17. The photo is from the first house we lived in there. I was constantly waking up with scratches and heard knocking and voices. The house has since been burned. Tithe night the fire department set it ablaze the fire burned green for several minutes. The firefighters couldn't explain it. The picture was meant to be of my dog. The blob showed up on the picture and negative. To me it appears to be a face with arms streaming out the back. There is also an orb just inches away. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura

       Categories: blob, knocking, fire, face, family

When I was 12 we moved to George Martin Avenue in Scroggins Park, boarded on one side by the cemetery and a haunted farm on another. I was plagued by nightmares, and my younger brother saw several spirits. This photo was taken by me (Laura H) personally in 1993. I found the photo in 2006 I was speechless. That is the hallway of the home where I was living, and that is my little brother in the foreground. Not even a flash was used was taken with the old Kodak 110. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura

       Categories: spirits, farm, park, cemetery, home

I took this photo while visiting the old Cutshaw grain mill on north Broadway. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura

       Category: mill

This photo was taken the same night in an open field. It's the Bradford Farm on old Lemons Mill Road. - Ghost picture submitted by Laura


Group of friends camping out on a farm, decided to go 4-wheeling near the corn fields in Georgetown, Kentucky off of Leesburg Road near the small airport. My husband wanted to play in the corn field, spooky adventures for fun.
After a few minutes of coaxing my friend Annette and I gave in and she her husband Sean Ray and I ventured a couple of rows into the field. We took a few pictures and found one with many orbs, however the second picture is the creepiest.
Look closely in to the corn to the left of me ( I'm wearing camo ). - Ghost picture submitted by Gina

Comment by Wefril:
A face...

Comment by Steph:
It's a full body apparition.

Comment by Aprilwine:
There most definitely are three apparition's.. Maybe more in background?.

Comment by Primrose:
Cornfields are always creepy!.

       Categories: airport, camping, field, farm, road

I belong to Central Kentucky Paranormal EVP Society. I know of a haunted street, it is Old Lemons Mill in Georgetown, KY. I caught a weird light in this photograph. The dark shadow is a friend of mine but look behind her. - Ghost picture submitted by Timothy

Comment by Logan:
That is no weird light. They are like spirit orbs, only stronger. My guess is that it can do more harm.

Comment by Laura:
I am the person in the photo, and it was taken by the Central Kentucky Paranormal Research Society. Taken from our fb page. The farm in question is on the south side of Georgetown. It is a former slave plantation.

       Categories: shadows, lights, evp, mill

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