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The photo was taken at C.C Cohen / Shandies Restaurant in July 2010, but I personally have had MANY encounters with Stella. The photo is the only known full apparition of Stella over 36 years. About a week after this near her 30 year anniversary of her death I took my EMF meter over to a section and found out she was sitting right beside me. Back in 2015 my father tried to buy the apartments, but offers never worked out.
approximately 2018. - Ghost picture submitted by Nolan

       Category: restaurant

My mom and I moved in when I was in third grade. As we walked in I felt unwelcome. I figured it was just the new house. I heard noises coming from upstairs that night. I just didn't think anything about it until now. It was about the beginning of ninth grade. I woke up to the sound of a little girl laughing, and I got kind of creeped out. I didn't get up, so I just yelled ''I'm trying to sleep leave me alone. '' That was when it got worse. The TV turned off, and my fan turned on high. Then a little girl walked out of my bedroom closet! I got up and ran to my mom crying. She still doesn't believe me.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and my cousin came over. We heard a noise coming from upstairs. We were bored, so I grabbed the camera, and she grabbed the flashlight. I walk in this one room. As I entered it and turned the corner, I took some pictures. One picture had an orb and the others didn't. I've seen the little girl multiple times, and I call her Annabelle. We also found a blanket up there with blood on it. As you see in the picture look in the bottom left corner of the mirror and you can see a little girl's face.
approximately 2015. - Ghost picture submitted by Katie

Comment by Markimark101:
Annabelle is not a good name to call her if you have any knowledge about the Annabelle doll the Warrens have. If you called her this and she started to get more active I would definitely have your house cleansed.
But if not she just seems to be messing with you. Maybe she wants you to mess with her back?
approximately 2016.

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