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Another soldier?
approximately 2019. - Ghost picture submitted by Hunter


Here is another picture from our short visit to the Civil War battlefield in Perryville, KY. This is a cropped photo of a shrub that was behind one of the cannons on the top of the hill behind and to the left of the small museum.
There is a dirt road that goes right by the cannon so you should have no problem finding this big shrub. I have copied and dragged down what I think appear to be faces and at least parts of upper torso's.
After seeing the more obvious looking Union soldier in the previously submitted shot I began taking a very close look at all of my pictures. My wife who saw the first photo and was shocked thinks that I am stretching things a bit by submitting this picture, but either you see the faces or you don't.

I see them. Please feel free to dissect this picture anyway you want. Other than cropping my kids out of it- it is totally original. Like stated in the other photo this may be a mixture of light and foliage.
I believe that ghosts may exist but I certainly don't go out of my way to find them! When my son said he was afraid of ghosts I told him that I think that they are terrified of us... That's why they always hide in attics, closets, cellars, and basements and only come out at night when we are least likely to be around.
We have so much energy compared to them that we must resemble blazing fire beings and that's why they do things to keep us away from them. Of course on a battlefield there is no place to hide; so maybe hiding in foliage is the only option?
approximately 2014. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Courtney:
If you look at the enlarged picture you can see the shapes of the men's feet.
approximately 2018.

Comment by Leanna:
I seem to see what looks like a large elongated head with a prominent nose in the bushes to the left of the bush with the four men.
approximately 2018.

Comment by A:
Look further up and you will see a figure.
approximately 2019.

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We stopped in Perryville on our way back home to Michigan from Disney World in early April of 2012. We only had about 2 hours to check out the battlefield so we took a lot of pictures. My son wanted me to print a couple of pictures to show his friends the battlefield so I plugged my Sony Bloggie into the printer and printed up a couple for him.
My son was looking at them and brought one to me that he said had a man in it. There was no other ''living'' human around our family when we took the picture along the small river at the exit to the park.
I uploaded the pictures onto my computer so I could zoom in better, and it sure looks like a uniformed soldier except when you zoom in you can see right through it. I took a copy of the picture to work and some folks see it and some do not.

I'm sure that it is probably a combination of lighting and foliage but it sure looks like a Union soldier to me! See if you can find him... It's not that hard. Ps- I did crop the original picture to fit in a frame but that's it!
approximately 2014. - Ghost picture submitted by Jim

Comment by Thomas:
You have no idea where you stopped do you? This was taken in Doctor's Creek - the water source that lead the Union troops to this place. The house is was squire bottom's and the heaviest of the fighting occurred here.
This is the most likely area to have any paranormal activity. Local legend has it that this creek ran red with blood on the day of the battle. Also look closer at your photo and you will find no less than three (3) screaming faces.
One is inside your Union soldier one is in a tree in the yard of the house and then the Union soldier itself. This is from a very short look at this photo both my wife and I believe there are more.
We'll keep you posted.
approximately 2016.

Comment by Kk:
I can see three faces, plus the soldier in just the trees where the soldier is standing.
approximately 2017.

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