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The house on Ann St. in the town of Cedar Springs, MI. I have lived in this house almost all my life. I moved in when I was around 4 and I am now almost 18 years old. There has always been something in our house at one time or another. We have tried everything to get rid of it but it just comes back. This year however we decided that we are going to try to talk to it.
So we did. The picture is of my older sister talking in our basement. We were taking pictures seeing if we could get something. And we did. I blanked out her face but everything else in the picture is real. We have a lot more of them as well. My grandparents bought this house from a woman in 1977.
Her and her husband built this house, her husband died at the bottom of our basement stairs from a heart attack. When my grandparents were moving stuff around in the basement they moved a bookshelf and behind it was a door in the wall, it was well hidden, but you can see it if you look very close.
When they opened the door they found a bunch of black magic stuff. It was very freaky. After they got rid of everything in the room and started to remodel the house things started to really heat-up. You can see stuff all over the house not just in the basement. We see shadows, wired lights, the oven timer go's off by itself, the cupboard doors open by themselves, strange smells coming and then going in a matter of seconds.
Once a shampoo flew out of the shower and slammed against the bathroom door, almost hitting my grandmother in the head. When it hit the door it hit with so much force that it actually shattered into pieces. I have been actually hit in the jaw by nothing, but it hit me so hard my head turned. After that it was swollen for 2 hours and it still hurts, and it's been 4 days.
People have been pinned to the bed in the middle of the night with nothing in the room. We have heard laughing, and my second cousin was sitting in a chair, they heard whistling, and then she felt something rubbing up and down her leg when they looked you could she her pant leg moving, and then there was more whistling.
So without a doubt our house on Ann St in Cedar Springs Michigan is haunted!! We are having a paranormal investigation team come into our house sometime soon. And I will updated you after they do there investigating. - Ghost picture submitted by Heather

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