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I was going through one of the buildings in the historical village when this happened. I got a strange feeling in one of the rooms, and my gut told me to take a few pictures, so I did. This is what I caught, and it truly disturbs me. Cool but disturbing. I've dubbed her ''the eyeless girl'' as it looks like she has no eyes and only a gaping hole for a mouth. If anyone wants enhanced/more pictures than this one let me know as I am only posting the original photo here. - Ghost picture submitted by Tanner

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Operation: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

I was doing an investigation in the old Corunna Village located in McCurdy Park where I encountered many different spirits. I went into the school house where I heard laughing and whispering. One girl who was on the investigation with me had gotten her hair pulled by a spirit. (If you are a girl and ever go to the school house, do not wear pigtails or your hair most likely will get pulled. )

I went to the chapel and as we sat in the pews, they all started shaking, and the organ played. After it was quiet I asked ''who was there?'' A spirit let out a soft whisper saying ''Jeremiah''. I went to the funeral home/morgue, and the chandelier started swinging. I could see shadows moving around the building. We also heard voices.

I went to the cabin and heard voices and footsteps upstairs. I went to the last house and heard voices, but no big activity. My friend and I came back months later strictly to take photos around the buildings. In the cabin we captured a female, male, baby, and demonic figure. In the funeral home/morgue we captured a demonic figure that looked like the one we captured at the cabin, and we captured a figure that looked like the grim reaper. We could not capture anything in the other buildings that day.

Recently the City of Corunna has added more old buildings to its historic village in the park. I am going back soon. Will I find more spirits? We shall see! . - Ghost picture submitted by Caleb

Comment by Manny:
Wow that is crazy! I will have to visit this place. I love your article. Keep up the work!.

Comment by Michael:
Where is the male baby and demonic spirit located> Do you have pictures? I'd love to see them and would be even cooler to go with you to see these things make me a believer of the paranormal, please.

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