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Took a few random pictures at Oak Grove Cemetery while I was home visiting for a funeral. I looked back at them and zoomed in and found a few mysterious things in the backgrounds that were not there in real life. My cousin and a friend of hers have had the same experience. Most of the unusual ghosts in the pictures were of children. Has anyone else had this experience?. - Ghost picture submitted by Caitlin

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I used to live on Spring Street . And I am glad to be telling this story to warn others. When my wife, my children, and I moved there we thought we had struck gold ''not literally'' in the house department.
But about 2 months in my wife and I started to notice a few things happening around the house. The children would be at school, my wife would clean their room, she'd leave to tend her garden, come back, their room would be trashed again as it was before.
Some time went by before it happened again. Following that we started hearing things in the basement. It sounded like animals skittering around knocking down boxes. We'd go down to find nothing broken or messed up.

My children shared a room of course and they started saying that they have a friend called Charlie. I asked about Charlie only to find out that Charlie was a girl '' lol'' that lived in the basement .
Emily-my daughter- said that Charlie's daddy hurt her and wouldn't let her out of the basement. Of course my wife and I were worried. After a while of my daughter saying she was playing with ''Charlie'' we decided to send her and her smaller brother to their grandmother's house for a while.
We thought it was just a child thing saying that she had an imaginary friend. About 2 days after that my wife got locked in the bathroom and I wasn't home, there's a swing lock on the inside but the actual lock on the door locked.

There happened to be a screwdriver from a few fixings I did . She tried to unlock the door with it and dented the lock. She ended up stuck in the bathroom for 2 hours, she was lucky that I collect Shelton keys. :)
She was afraid to stay in the home and to be honest I kind of was also. But what really got us to move was what happened in the basement. My wife and I were doing laundry down there around 10 pm when the lights went out, I had my flashlight so my wife stayed where she was while I went up to investigate.
I went up the steep stairs and saw that the door was shut. I asked my wife if she shut it, she said no.

The door was locked, we started freaking out . The lights came back on . I ran down the stairs to my wife who was hysterically screaming that she had just seen a small child near the pole in the middle of the room.
We ran to the door in the other part of the basement, opened it, it slammed shut on us. We ran up the stairs and tried the door again, it was open. We got the hell out of there. We now live in a lovely home in Ohio.
Though my daughter ''Emily'' misses Charlie at times we are glad to be out of that house. - Ghost picture submitted by Michael

Comment by Brittanydp:
I live here and that stuff's been happening! 0.o.

Comment by Paula:
The so-called 'friend' your little girl talked to (Charlie) is a demonic entity. All of these things are entities of an evil nature. These things were a part of the lives of the people who used to live there, and no doubt the dad of the little girl was evil as well. These entities hang around the dwellings of the places where evil people have lived. Again the spirits are not of the dead. They are demonic and extremely evil.

Comment by anonymous:
Which house is it so I know not to ever live there lol.

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