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I visited the old fire dept in Manistee several years ago. Both I and my husband became overwhelmed by a feeling of death and terror at the top of the hose tower. Later, we admitted that we each were sure that someone, probably a woman had hanged herself in the hose tower, probably a hundred years ago.
I have had several dreams and visions about this woman and the mysterious circumstances of her death. Most likely she and her forbidden lover met in the attic of the fire hall secretly. At some point she felt she had no other choice but to kill herself.
Why? Perhaps a refusal from her lover to leave his wife, perhaps an unexpected pregnancy, perhaps the discovery of the affair by the ladies husband. We may never know. My husband and I are from 600 miles away and had never visited Manistee before that day.

We were both so disturbed by this overwhelming vision that we plan never to return. - Ghost picture submitted by Virginia

Comment by Fred:
Guests, visitors, and even dignitaries aren't allowed to go up in the hose tower. The only time anyone goes into the hose tower is to hang fire hose. Prior to the 1920s the tower had a lookout in it used by firefighters from the time the station was opened in 1889 from which they would stand fire watch for 12 hr shifts at a time.
If smoke or fire was observed the alarm bell was sounded and the direction of the smoke or fire was given to the firemen for their response. There is also a large bell located just above the lookouts location.
This bell was rung at 7 am and 9 pm and was curfew for the kids under 16. Having worked here for the past 37 years I can state quite comfortably... There are no spirits here (other than those of the brave men who served before me).

Comment by Robin:
With all due respect, I am a little confused by your story. You say that you and husband were ''each sure'' about someone probably a woman hanging herself in the tower probably a hundred years ago. Sounds like guessing or storytelling. I don't understand why you would go back home 600 miles away and have these dreams and visions there. The two of you had never been to the town, and you don't want to go back. Why would the woman appear to you? What does she expect you to do now that you are back home? Maybe I am misunderstanding.

Comment by Jerry:
This station has clearly been purposed as what it is today for its entire life. That said, I find it hard to believe that anyone especially a woman would have been allowed in the tower 100 years ago.

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