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There are many areas in Millington, Michigan to do a little paranormal investigating. The Millington hills are one of the creepiest places for thrill seekers and real professional paranormal investigators alike.
The hills have a history from motorcycle gangs in the 60's-70's, the great fire of the late 1800's that killed a few people and a lot of animals along with property, and Indian burial grounds (all in the Millington hills).
There are also reports of hauntings in the fairway discount store formally cobbs store that had everything from a butcher to clothing. There have also been reports of UFO activity in the area. This is obviously the short version of events but these events are true when it comes to the paranormal, and if you check it out for yourself, it pays to get a local person as a guide to know where the hotspots for paranormal activity in the hills as there are a few secluded areas within thousands of acres that harbor weird paranormal phenomenon.
Here is a picture that I took one fall in Millington. - Ghost picture submitted by Todd

Comment by anonymous:
Don't know if you realize this but this picture has at least two paranormal entities in it. One to the left of the moon and one by the tree. Perhaps more...

Comment by Mary:
Don't see it. Left looks like dark clouds and by the tree looks like nothing. What is it supposed to be?.

Comment by Nicole:
I'm looking to find off of what roads these experiences have happened for most people.

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