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In 2002 I moved into a big house-turned duplex. It was on Rawlins St. a block from the water and in a historic housing neighborhood. My 1st night I moved in I had to stay there for the electric to be turned on.
That night as I slept on the floor, I went to close my eyes and relax then I heard this voice... ''Lori'' in my ear! My heart was pumping and I laid back down and said prayers. After that I never heard the voice again.
Until.... A few years later.. 2004 I got a cat (J.J.). My friend and I where watching a movie on my computer. She looked over and said 'check out J.J. '. We watch him on my chair standing up on his hind legs...

Looking at the closet door. So she gets her dad's camera w/ infrared light on it. And we start to take pics! She did indoor and I went outside! Well I went down to the back of the place and stood on the 1st step to the basement.
*click*... Then ran back up! This is what we caught! And we where just shocked! In 2007 I started seeing things happen! It was hiding my jewelry. Felt like I was being watched.. Days too! Then in 2010...
I was getting ready to go out I heard this 'fling-plop! ' like something was thrown on my floor out of my metal dish.... Which was! I turn around and as I put my foot forward crunch! I stepped on one of my grandmas' earrings...

Well.. ''alright! '' I yelled that's enough! This is my house! You have no right to be here! I started saging and going home blessing. I asked my neighbors if they had anything 'odd' happening...
Then again they thought I was of-my-gourd! ... Lol! Well in 2011... I had to move out! I think my landlord disturbed a spirit when he fixed up the basement and the attic!. - Ghost picture submitted by Lorraine

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