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Me and my friends were driving our bikes past Flickinger Elementary school with our children and all of us suddenly felt like a punch on our back and a pinch on our calves. We looked around and saw nothing. As the children were playing me and my two friends all heard a gentle screaming in our ear to get out. We suddenly got very scared and wanted to take our kids and leave, but then we took the major chance of scaring our children. So we decided that it must have just been our imagination.

My oldest (12 years old) was taking pictures, and she accidently took one of thin air. She just kept on taking pictures and didn't bother to delete it for it wasn't a big deal. That's when my friend pointed out that swings were moving the opposite direction of the wind, and that was the final line. We were leaving. At home I was looking at my kid's pictures, and the one with thin air had a pole in it. It looked like a ghost flying across it making the look of a cross. It must have been too hard for naked eyes to spot. Me and my family now believe in ghost because of that spine tingling moment picture. - Ghost picture submitted by Debbie

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